Plant & Animal
 Investigation Game
This is your lucky day.  You have been selected to play the P & A Investigation Game!  Pack your bags.  You will travel to all sorts of places while you investigate different plants and animals in faraway lands and oceans.
You must complete three tasks to play this game.  
Task 1: Create two posters showing the life cycles of a plant and an animal and how they adapt to their environment.
Task 2: Travel to different locations and investigate the plants and animals that live there.  Make an illustrated journal of your travels.

Task 3:  Create a model of a "new" insect
and tell how it survives in its environment.
Task 1: Use books, magazines and the Internet to research the life cycles and special adaptations of a plant and an animal.   Then create posters with colorful illustrations and captions that show what you have learned.  Your posters must be neat and easy to read.  

Follow these links to learn how different plants and animals adapt to their environment:
butterflies and more butterflies
reptiles and how they adapt
bees and their body parts
worker bees
gray wolf
black bear
praying mantis

ants, crickets, and flies

plants and our environment
When your teacher has approved of your two posters, click on the school bus to begin your second task.