• Patty Smrt’s Retirement Party


    After 42 years of driving her school bus on our mountain roads, Patty Smrt is turning in her steering wheel to enjoy her retirement years. Patty has been an integral part of our children’s lives . She has been there on rainy days, through mountain storms, and has safely driven our kids from home to school and back home again.

    Patty has been that safe, familiar, and comforting person that has helped our kids feel at ease. She spent time getting to know our families, making that step on to the big, yellow school bus a confident one. Even the dogs eagerly awaited Patty, as she always travels with a sweet supply of dog treats for all the four-legged family members. 

    Patty has helped our kids move towards independence and community connection, as her bus was where friendships were made and courage gained. 

    Let’s celebrate Patty’s final bus route and gather together on May 27th at the gazebo.

    For more information, please contact Cricket Stephens at stephens_family@verizon.net


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