• *Please note that all information currently posted is for the 2019 trip.  The 2020 trip has not yet been announced, but if you are interested in exploring, you may click through these resources.*

    Yosemite Resources for students and parents:

    1) Please click here for the important information shared with students at our 2nd lunch meeting.

    -General information and trail group assignments

    -Common dilemmas and ways to solve them

    -Rules and misconduct


    2) Please click here for Yosemite Equipment List.


    3) Please click here for departure and arrival information.


    4) Please click here to review the village rules for CT English students.


    5) Need to bring medicine with you on the trip?  Got sick last minute and have a prescription?  Do you take regular medication?  Planning to bring your own over-the-counter medicines?  You will need to submit a medical authorization form completed by a physician.  Click here to download this form.