• October 14, 2015


    Dear Loma and CT Parents:


    Thoughts From Tuesday Night


    This is Our New Parking Process

    Thank you for your help with the new parking process. As a reminder, here is our new flow:


    ·      No changes to the morning routine.   Keep dropping off on the Loma side of the parking lot. Use of the pedestrian bridge is strongly encouraged. On the main campus, parents may park in any regular, available parking spot along the tree line or in the gravel lot. Staff parking only in the “bus zone.”


    ·      In the afternoon – the far right lane coming up the driveway will be a shared Loma and CT pick up line. The far left lane will become a “through lane” with no stopping allowed. You may use this lane to proceed to parking in either the main or lower gravel lot.


    ·      Loma pick up will proceed straight ahead in the right lane to the traditional parent pick up zone at the curb. 


    ·      CT pick up will proceed to the right into a newly designated loading zone at the front end of the bus loading area. No loading or unloading at the CT curb or between buses please.


    Please consider having students in grades 4-8 meet you on the “gazebo side” of the Summit Road. All students walking across Summit must have a note on file and use the pedestrian bridge. 




    Corey Kidwell




    Mrs. Carino’s Top Ten Favorite Sights:


    1.     Mrs. Denues iPad and keys are held in one hand high above her head as she wades between 7th grade students on her way to opening the CT Computer Lab;


    2.     Second grade boys share shoe stories.  One is sporting fancy new tennis shoes with neon orange laces; the other indicates that his shoes are the last pair that fit. Not to worry, he and his mom are trying to schedule time to get to the store before it rains;


    3.     A kindergartener with a determined “flick of the thumb” spins the small wooden top that lives on the kid’s shelf in the office.  He discovers that when he blows on the top, it topples sooner;


    4.     Supermom and recently recruited noon yard-duty, returns a water bottle to a second grade girl at the end of lunch recess.  Labeled item meets responsible supermom equals a perfect match;


    5.     Mr. Heisinger’s first graders use white boards, dry erase markers and the equals sign to make true math sentences;


    6.     A sixth grade student at CT has devised a fun way to jump from rock to rock.  He appears to be practicing for next year’s Yosemite Trip;


    7.     An eighth grade student shares with me that in Mr. Thompson’s science class they are going to make “joy” in a bag.  He indicates that there is milk, ice and salt involved.  Hmm, I wonder…;


    8.     Mrs. Edwards assists CT students to cars during the afternoon parent pick-up.  While doing so, she encourages members of the CT track team as they walk to the Loma Field with a “Go Purple”;


    9.     Most of the folks I came across today had a smile on their face.   Sigh, I love smiles and generally folks around her wear them.   I think today’s smiles might have been brought about by cooling afternoon temperatures and an accompanying breeze;


    10. The growing list of parents who have indicated that they will be in attendance at the Common Core Math Summit tomorrow evening, 6:30/Loma Forum.  If you have not been successful following the RSVP link, just call or email Raquel Marin.  She will add you to the list.  R.marin@loma.k12.ca.us



    Common Core Math Summit

    Have you heard?  There is an opportunity to take a glimpse into the classroom and explore Common Core Math at the Common Core Summit from 6:30 to 7:30 next Thursday, October 15th, in the Loma Forum.


    During the evening, K-8 parents will gain a ground floor perspective on the new Math standards and their implementation in the classroom.


    This evening is designed to help you:

    ·      Connect with other parents and experience first hand how the changes to the math standards are designed to translate into success for our students

    ·      Gain insight as to how math concepts build from one grade level to the next

    ·      Increase your awareness of how parents can partner with teachers to build solid math foundations for our students


    Please plan to join us on October 15th from 6:30 to 7:30 in the Loma Forum.  This is an adult-focused event.  No childcare is available.  Please RSVP via email to Rebecca Carino, r.carino@loma.k12.ca.us


    We hope you can attend!


    Wild Times @ CTE

    Early Release EVERY Wednesday @ 1:30 pm


    Upcoming Events

    10/15/15 Common Core Math Summit 6:30 Loma Forum

    10/16/15 CT Fall Dance Loma Forum 7-9 pm

    10/23/15 End of Quarter 1

    10/30/15 Minimum Day both schools 12:30 dismissal

    11/4/15 Picture Make-up day & all Pano photos

    11/6/15 Report Cards hand carried home by students

    11/11/15 No School-Veteran’s Day

    11/11/15 Charlie Brown LIVE Auditions for 7th grade students going on the Yosemite Trip.

    11/13/15 CT Turkey Trot @ Noon on Loma Field

    11/16 through 11/20/15 Seventh Graders in Yosemite

    11/16 & 11/17 Charlie Brown Auditions 5-8pm Loma Forum

    11/18 &11/19 Charlie Brown Call Backs 5-8pm Loma Forum

    11/18/15 CT HSC mtg. room 7, 8:30-10:00 am

    1//23/15 Charlie Brown cast list posted.

    11/23 through 11/27/15 NO SCHOOL- Nov. Break

    All other items, which were scheduled, are TBD because of community center/gym bld.