• November 4, 2015


    Dear Loma Parents/Guardians:


    Our Temporary School Is Coming!

    Lots will be happening in the parking lot during the month of November.  This week we will be moving the construction fence, removing the small gate by the gym, and bringing in several truckloads of gravel to make a foundation for the storage containers.  Next Tuesday, 11/10, we will be unloading the storage containers and moving them to the back of the lot between the gym and Loma.  Next Friday, 11/13, and Monday, 11/16, we are tentatively scheduled to receive our portable classroom buildings.  The specific dates and times are indeterminate at this time because the 12 trucks are all coming from different parts of the State.  The parking lot will be impacted by these activities!  Please allow extra time to move through the parking lot and/or find a parking space.  November is a great month to send your child(ren) on the school bus!


    Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation.



    Tom Levenhagen

    Director of Facilities and Maintenance


    No school next Wednesday, 11/11/15

    Mrs. Carino’s Corner


    Holiday Wisdom

    We are entering the “Spin” Season.  This is the time of year in which we enjoy autumn changes, a favorite season for many and looking forward to upcoming celebrations with family.  It is also the beginning of the flu season, high demand season, as well as the uphill stretch season, hence the nickname listed above, the “Spin” Season.


    Today, I took the time to speak with many of our students.  I asked them for words of wisdom to share with adults that would allow us to maintain an air of calm, cool, collectiveness in addition to good health as we journey through the Holiday Season.   As I spoke to different groups of students, I found that general themes took shape at each grade level.  I have listed these tidbits below to help you prepare for a more blissful holiday season:


    Kindergarten:  Stay warm and cozy.  Spend time around a warm fire, but don’t get too close.


    First Grade: Be prepared.  Get out all of the supplies ahead of time.


    Second Grade: Snuggle down!   Take extra time to snuggle under the covers.


    Third Grade: Take care of yourself.  Take your vitamins and actually plan in time for rests!


    Fourth Grade: It is all about comfort food… in moderation.  Items high on the list include enjoying dark chocolate and hot chocolate. 


    Fifth Grade: Plan ahead.  Keep it under control by generating a schedule and sticking to it. 


    Sixth Grade: The more the merrier!  Elicit friends and family to help share in tasks that way the tasks will be more fun and take less time.


    Seventh Grade:  Cut some slack.   Don’t get too uptight if someone slips up.  Support that person by building up and not condemning.


    Eighth Grade:  All of the above.  Eat right, sleep well, and pace yourself.


    Nice collection of wisdom words.   Do you agree?    What stands out for you and your family?  What will you try?  Do you have a tried and true strategy for the “Spin” Season?   For me, my words are “Pace Yourself”.


    Let the Holiday Season Begin!

    Congratulations Loma 4th and 5th Graders Participating in Wrestling

    Congratulations to our Loma athletes who competed this week with the CT Wrestling team. They competed Friday against middle school athletes in a First-Timer’s Tournament and were the only 4th and 5th graders in the competition. Henry Jensen took 4th in his bracket, Cody Watson and Zoubyn Rokni placed 3rd, Corin Stammers took 2nd, and Teddy Smith placed first. GREAT WORK!


    Loma News

    School Snacks/Lunch - Please pack your child a substantial snack/lunch everyday. Students are coming to the office for food because either they don’t have enough to eat, or they eat all their food during the 1st recess, which is at 10am. Kids & Co is not available to make lunches anymore and we only have a few items to give out in emergencies.


    Loma’s Upcoming Events

    11/6                SoW Assembly 8:30a / End of Trimester 1

    11/11              Veterans Day – NO SCHOOL

    11/12              2nd grade field trip to Natural Bridges

    11/13              SoW Assembly 8:30a / Lion King Play 7pm

    11/14              Lion King Play 1 and 7pm

    11/15              Lion King Play 1pm

    11/16-11/20   Parent/teacher Conferences / Minimum Days, dismissal at 12:30 NO LUNCH

    11/16-11/19   Loma/CT Book Fair 12 -4pm

    11/23-11/27   Thanksgiving Holiday Break – NO SCHOOL