• January 27, 2016


    Dear Loma Parents/Guardians:


    Morning Drop-Off


    Thanks to all the morning parent drivers for working together and adapting to the new variation of student drop-off.   We very much appreciate all those who are staying in the right lane and waiting patiently to drop off their students.  We are seeing fewer drivers who drive in the left lane and then cut quickly into the right lane to fill a recently vacated spot.  We tip our hats to all those parents who have their students ready to go when pulling up to the curb.  Your efforts are much appreciated as they promote a smooth and efficient drop-off transition that allows the curb to clear and repopulate in a timely manner.  Thanks again to all of you who are endeavoring to make this not-so-easy task run just a little smoother for us all.


    A few reminders:


    Loma Bag Lunches - Deadline to order Bag Lunches from the Summit Store for February is tomorrow, Thursday, 1/28 at 9pm. You will not be able to order pass that day or time. Don’t have the office call you because your child does not have lunch Monday or Wednesday. – See attached flyer with information on how to order.


    Taste Nutrition – Menus are up and you’re able to order Friday Hot Lunch through the end of the school year. Last day to order for Friday, 1/29, is today, Wednesday. See attached flyer for information on how to order.


    Early Release Day – Please remember that every Wednesday is early release day with a 1:30p dismissal time.


    Mrs. Carino’s Top Ten Favorite Sights:


    1.     The prevalent use of Roshambo to identify who goes next and/or problem solve;

    2.     Big umbrellas and giggles in the pouring rain;

    3.     Loma students performing stellar acts of talent on Tuesday during the Loma Talent Show; acts included tumbling, sketches, singing, dancing, and piano solos;

    4.     Teachers in collaborative meetings discussing best practices and ways to support student success; 

    5.     School lights stayed on all day last Friday despite the storm;

    6.     The smiles that develop when stories about rocks are shared with students who’ll lend an ear.  Fortunately, there are many students in that category;

    7.     Goggles, lab coats, and serious science paraphernalia, ice for instance, could be seen on the Loma campus today as fifth grade students performed science experiments for their peers; 

    8.     Kindergarten buddies holding small sections of rope between them as they walked together to their afternoon bus.

    9.     Mrs. Riccomini blushingly accepting a bouquet of flowers from two students who represented the entire student body and faculty in conveying their heart felt thanks for all the time she dedicated to producing the Loma-Palooza Talent Show;

    10.  A music room in action.  Students wave scarves, step in time to rhythms, and sing songs in the newly opened music portable.   The art room is soon to follow.


    Loma’s Upcoming Events

    1/29                Friday Assembly 8:30a

    2/2                  100th Day of School

    2/15-2/19       Winter Break – NO SCHOOL

    2/26                3rd Grade Field Trip to Oakland Museum

    2/29                4th and 5th grades Field Trip to Santa Cruz Symphony