• Welcome

    Posted by Kat Ray on 8/27/2018

    Greetings eager Kinder parents!


    We are happy to report that the Kinder teachers are in their final selection process for dividing the classes.  We are striving for a balance of abilities, strengths, challenges, ages and temperaments to create the perfect environment for learning.


    We have had a terrific week observing our students and have found them to be a very intelligent, talented and unique bunch of individuals.  The class lists for Ms Ray’s Rangers and Mrs Templeton’s Busy Bees will be posted on the Kinder classroom doors Tuesday morning, August 28th.  You can plan on lining up at your own classroom door that day.


    We look forward to meeting all of you at Back to School Night, Wednesday August 29 beginning at 630 pm.


    Thank you!

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  • Ranger News 9/26

    Posted by Kat Ray on 9/26/2017


    **Tomorrow is LIBRARY DAY, please remember to return your book so you can bring home a new one this week.
    **SHARING starts next week! You can learn more about it here: https://www.loma.k12.ca.us/Page/694. I will be sending home a paper with further explanation and your student’s day to bring sharing later this week.
    **SAVE THE DATE: Our first field trip with be to Rodoni Farms on Monday, October 9th. Look for more information soon.
    **We have been thoroughly enjoying our Apple Unit. We have graphed, drawn, and written about our apples. We will measure, estimate and finally count seeds at the end of this week. Ask your student to tell you about Johnny Appleseed at your next family dinner.
    **CEREAL BOXES NEEDED! We are ready to create our independent reading book boxes and we need your help! Please start sending in any empty cereal boxes you may have. We will also need rolls of fun “DUCK” TAPE to cover our boxes, so add this to your shopping list for the weekend.
    **Today we started CENTERS and it went great! Big thanks to my mom helpers today, everything went smoothly and we accomplished four times what we could normally do because of YOU! Thanks again.

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  • Ranger News: Back to School Night Edition

    Posted by Kat Ray on 8/29/2017

    Welcome to Back to School Night!

    Here are some things to keep in mind for a successful year in Ms. Ray’s Kindergarten Room KE:


    ***BE ON TIME TO SCHOOL!  First bell rings at 8:15***


    • Daily Envelopes: A folder will go home each night, please EMPTY it and send it back EVERY DAY.  Use this folder for any notes, homework, etc.


    • Homework: Homework in Kindergarten is OPTIONAL.  Occasional assignments will be sent once a month or so.  Be sure to READ TO YOUR STUDENT 20 minutes each night.


    • Student of the Week: Every Friday I will draw a name for S.O.W.  This person will bring home Curious George, his suitcase, and his journal for the weekend.  George should accompany your child everywhere they go.  On Sunday night, please make a journal entry to be read aloud on Monday.  There will also be an “All About Me” poster to complete.  PLEASE RETURN EVERYTHING ON MONDAY.  An assembly honoring the S.O.W. will be held the following Friday at 8:30 am.


    • Snacks and lunch: Kindergarten is hard work and we get very hungry.  Please pack a nutritious snack for morning recess along with your student’s regular lunch.  Reusable containers are encouraged however please practice opening and closing at home.



    • Personal Items: Please DO send your student with as big a backpack as they can manage.  Please DO label all of your student’s belongings (backpack, lunchbox, containers, clothing, etc.)  Please DO NOT allow your student to bring toys, makeup, jewelry or other special items to school.


    • Birthdays: We love to celebrate birthdays!  The birthday kid will receive special attention on their day.  Please have them choose a book as a gift TO the class.  Wrap the book and the birthday kid will open it up and I will read it to everyone before giving it a permanent spot in our class library. It will become a special treasure in honor of your student.


    • If your child is ill: first of all, PLEASE STAY HOME!  Secondly, call the office and let them know why.  If your child has allergies or takes any medication, please let the office know.  I am not allowed to dispense medicine.


    • Any money sent to school for milk, book orders, field trips, etc. MUST be sent in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and mine on the front. Put this in your daily folder.


    • Checking Up: Formal conferences will be held in November (mandatory), February and June (optional).  You are welcome to visit the classroom at any time; be sure to sign in at the office.



    Website: https://www.loma.k12.ca.us/Domain/58

       Phone:  408 – 353 – 1106 ext. 5028

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  • Ranger News: Summer Edition

    Posted by Kat Ray on 6/1/2017

    It’s been an amazing year! We spent some time reflecting on our favorite memories this morning. We have laughed and loved and most of all LEARNED this year. So much growth in these amazing students, and so much more to come!!

    Here’s the lowdown on our last week:
    **MONDAY is our Kinder Field Day. All family and friends are welcome. PLEASE BRING OUTSIDE TOYS TO SHARE: balls, frisbees, games, bubbles, etc I will bring over the parachute for organized play. We will walk over at 9 for a fun free time of playing on the lawn and under the gazebo. We will take our snack so make sure you have one packed for this day. We will return in time for lunch.
    **TUESDAY is school wide FUN DAY from 845 - 1000. This is a 15 minute rotation of fun activities led by each class. We will rotate with the primary grades, K - 2. Our activity is FACE PAINTING and we need ALL THE VOLUNTEERS WE CAN GET : D Please please plan to come and help starting at 830 on this day (OK to bring siblings if that helps!) We also need face paint, tattoos, etc. We will be painting every student K - 2 so we will keep it simple.
    **WEDNESDAY is a regular day
    **THURSDAY is our last day : ( full of laughter and tears as we say goodbye for the summer and look forward to first grade! I will be leaving early this day to attend my 8th grader’s graduation but I have a special gift for every student. Report cards will also go home this day.

    Thank you to all who came to OPEN HOUSE it was a great evening. CONGRATULATIONS to all my Jogathon gold medal winners - every single student! Woohoo!!

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  • Ranger News 5/8

    Posted by Kat Ray on 5/8/2017

    Congratulations on an amazing Jogathon! The Rangers ran their little hearts out. We will get our medals and see which class won the average at the Jogathon Awards Assembly on June 1. Please turn in your Jogathon pledge forms and money ASAP.

    FIELD TRIP coming up on May 15th: We will explore animals and their habitats at Vasona Park. Please fill out your forms and submit ASAP. If you would like to come along be sure to fill out an Adult Volunteer Form (let me know if you need one)

    PARENT VOLUNTEER TEA: Everyone is welcome at the upcoming Volunteer Tea and Performance THIS WEDNESDAY, May 10 at 1230. As a thank you to all our tireless volunteers, our class has been practicing our patriotic presentation and it will be a wonderful time.

    IGLOO: We need 20 more milk jugs to complete the structure. Several classes have come to look, estimate and calculate and I have a pile of very close numbers! Please send in some more jugs so we can close up the top and have it ready to go on Open House, May 25th.

    NO TOYS at school, the class is working hard to earn them back by Friday!

    Thanks everybody

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  • Ranger News Jogathon Edition

    Posted by Kat Ray on 4/27/2017

    Get ready, get set…

    JOGATHAN happens tomorrow!! We are excited and READY for this amazing event. Here are some tips for success:

    **Eat a good dinner, get to bed on time (or early), and eat a healthy breakfast! Hydrate this afternoon and before school tomorrow.
    **BE ON TIME. We must get our shirts on, pass out our lap cards, take roll and then will head out to the track to stretch at 845. DON’T BE LATE!
    **Come wearing appropriate clothes and (of course) shoes. Wear a shirt that can go under the jogathon shirt, or is easy to take off and switch.
    **Students must run for 25 minutes, have their lap card marked at each lap, and FINISH the event to get a medal. Please DO NOT take your student off the track before they finish.
    **Tomorrow is a MINIMUM DAY. We will be out to watch our buddies and can accommodate some students who have siblings running; please just let me know if you plan on taking your student out of the classroom.
    **NO HOT LUNCH or milk tomorrow; send a snack and lunch as usual. We will be hungry!!

    See you on the track!

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  • Ranger News 4/18

    Posted by Kat Ray on 4/18/2017


    **Spring Picture Day is THIS FRIDAY April 21. We will take pictures and they will be available for purchase online.
    **JOGATHON is coming! We need as many volunteers as we can get on Friday April 28th. We have been training hard, even on days we cannot get out and run due to rainy weather. Keep on wearing running shoes EVERY DAY. TURN IN YOUR PERMISSION SLIPS ASAP!!! If you need another one, check in the office.
    **Jogathon Awards Day is June 1 @ 9 am. Come see who wins the trophy!!!
    **IGLOO UPDATE: We have almost reached maximum capacity in empty milk jugs and we are READY TO ‘GLOO : ) we will begin assembly TOMORROW at 1230. Anyone who can come help build is welcome! Our structure will be the most awesome highlight of the Math Problem of the Month…. we will hold a contest to guess the number of “blocks” it took to build it! Please come help make this happen…. bring hot glue and gun if possible.
    **TOMORROW IS LIBRARY, please return your book
    **Volunteers: Please see a special message for you below : )

    Hello wonderful parents! All of us at Loma are so very, very grateful for our parent volunteers! You make our jobs easier by giving your time and energy. Thank you for all that you do in so many different ways!

    We would love to take an afternoon to say "thank you" in our small way. This year, we'll take you on an afternoon camping adventure as we WOW you with a variety of classroom performances right here in the Loma forum. Please view the invitation by clicking the following link: http://bit.ly/2p5seLI

    the annual Volunteer celebration
    May 10, 2017@ 12:30: Hello wonderful parents and volunteers! We are so grateful for all that you do for our school and these students. We most certainly couldn't do it without you! THANK YOU!!Please join us as guests of honor at our volunteer "camping" tea. You'll be able to enjoy some refreshments and watch a variety entertaining classroom performances :). WE NEED S'MORE GREAT VOLUNTEERS LIKE YOU! http://www.punchbowl.com/parties/dd4aa6642e2bb9e96b53
    You are all so much s'more amazing than we can describe in words :).
    We hope to see you there!

    The Loma teachers and staff

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  • Ranger News 3/30

    Posted by Kat Ray on 3/30/2017

    **Super Hero Day tomorrow!! Come dressed as your favorite Super Hero (or wear a t shirt etc)
    **Jogathon is coming!! We held our Jogathon Kickoff Assembly today and heard an inspirational talk from an Olympic medalist! We wrote our goals in our journals this afternoon. The Jogathon Pledge sheets are coming home today. Please fill out and return ASAP. You MUST return the signed release form in order to participate and receive a t-shirt.
    **And speaking of the Jogathon…. we are in training! Just a month to go! PLEASE WEAR SHOES SUITABLE FOR RUNNING EVERY DAY. We are training for endurance, strength and speed. The students are excited and getting better every day! Please support our efforts!
    **Still collecting milk jugs for our up cycled igloo…. after break we will promote milk jug collection at an assembly. We also need a large sheet of cardboard (or two that we can tape together). Every jug collected gets a raffle ticket and we will raffle off the finished structure at the gallery day, the week of May 1st. The District Wide Problem of the Month is called Stair Steps; it should tie in nicely with the planning and building of our igloo, using blocks to estimate height and length for the structure.
    **I have added a new page to my school website entitled “Alternative Educational Plan”. This outlines a plan for learning at home in the case of school closure, illness or makeup vacation days, or even extra homework. The plans are an extension of skills already taught this year.

    Happy Spring!

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  • Ranger News 3/21

    Posted by Kat Ray on 3/21/2017


    **Tomorrow is LIBRARY DAY, don’t forget your books

    **We are still collecting gallon sized empty milk jugs for constructing an igloo! We need 200 all together. Please send in what you can. Doug will be organizing the igloo gluing / construction on Saturday, April 15th starting at 9 am. Please come and help if you can! You can RSVP to this email.

    **The rain is back :/ but we are staying dry and still learning. We have TWO super powers in our toolbox for becoming Super Readers: Pointer Power and Reread Power. Be sure to ask your student to demonstrate these at home during your reading time! Other learning: “teen” number exploration and subtraction in Math; weather in Science; state and national symbols in Social Studies.

    **Important Dates:
    3/30: Jogathan Kick Off Assembly, 9 00
    3/31: Spirit Day, come dressed as your favorite Super Hero!
    4/3 - 4/7: Spring Break, NO SCHOOL
    4/15: Igloo Construction Day, 9 00 in the Kinder playground
    4/28: JOGATHON, Kinders run at 8 45

    **We are in training for the Jogathan!! Weather permitting, we will be running EVERY DAY that we don’t have PE (MWF). We are training for endurance, strength and speed… PLEASE WEAR SHOES SUITABLE FOR RUNNING EVERY DAY : ) we all want to win that gold medal!!

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  • Ranger News 3/2

    Posted by Kat Ray on 3/2/2017

    Happy Birthday Dr Suess! We will celebrate his birthday all month with activities, art projects, and lots and lots of rhyming books!

    We are also learning: Presidents Washington and Lincoln; measuring with non standard units; beginning subtraction; “teen numbers” 11 - 19; sight word review and practice; and word families (consonant - vowel - consonant patterns)

    HEADLICE: Pink notices have gone home to inform you of your student’s exposure. Having had lots of experience with this issue, I’d like to offer the following advice:

    **Over the counter treatments DO NOT WORK. Lice have evolved past the point of responding to them. The only thing that eradicates them is consistent, thorough combing.
    **Please check your student as soon as possible. Nits (the eggs of lice) are generally found near the hair roots and appear as tan or beige specks that do not budge. Check the hairline and especially the back of the neck for bugs. Notify the school immediately if you find any nits or live bugs.
    **That being said, Raquel will be checking everyone today in the office.
    **Invest in a Terminator Comb, you can get one on Amazon in a day or two (https://www.amazon.com/Nit-Free-Terminator-Professional-Stainless/dp/B000HIBPV8?th=1) It’s the best and easiest comb to use. Follow directions for use and do a thorough comb through every day for five days. Then repeat this process every six weeks.
    **Bag up all bedding, stuffed toys, etc and put them outside in the sunshine for 24 hours. You can also dry items on high for 30 minutes to kill eggs and bugs.
    **When a class has been exposed to lice, it takes a class to get rid of them. Your help is appreciated by everyone!!

    On a happier note…

    Doug Lewis has volunteered to coordinate a special STEM project for our class. As a part of the district - wide math Problem of the Month, we will be constructing an igloo out of empty plastic milk jugs. We need as many clean milk jugs as possible, so start saving and sending them in. We also need a base that is an eight feet diameter circle…. cardboard or similar. If anyone has a big piece of sturdy cardboard or something else we could use, please let me know. There will be many great extensions to this project which is basically a study of circles. And in the end we will have a really fun structure that can be used for reading and playing.


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