• May 4, 2016


    Dear Loma Parents/Guardians:

    Thoughts from Tuesday Night

    Teachers impact the future everyday – sometimes in small ways, sometimes profound.


    This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week.  I am grateful that we slow down to say thank you to those who have touched our children’s, and our own lives, in profound ways.  I am grateful to the Loma and CT teachers for inspiring and guiding our students.  I am grateful for the many ways teachers and staff endured a challenging year thrown off balance by fire in the early days.


    You remember your great teachers.  Your kids can tell you about how their teachers have made a difference. We all remember the disappointments too, because in a lifetime of learning, there are disappointments.  Teachers are human, just like lawyers, and doctors, scientists, and parents.  The best teachers are also just as tenacious as their peers in science, law, medicine and parenting.  They are students of their field, as well as practitioners of their art.


    Here at CT and Loma we are very fortunate to have attracted, retained, fostered, and championed an amazing team of professionals who have your kids’ best interest at heart every day.  I am thankful that they care, they worry, they dream, they inspire, they take creative risks and step out of their comfort zone to go the extra mile for your children.  Our teachers challenge the status quo, expect more from themselves and their peers – including me – and bring their “A” game to our schools.


    There is a talent war in education right now.  The best are recruited in school districts just like in the corporate giants, but without the bonuses and lavish perks.  We have won our battles in the talent war with our culture of respect for teachers’ professional judgment and empowerment of creative expertise.  We have worked to manage fiscal resources to do a little better for our teachers and staff financially, but we know we have to keep working to compete with our wealthier neighboring districts.  We win daily with great kids and supportive parents who care about all the kids, not just their kid.  “It takes a mountain,” is lived each day by our team.


    We win because you slow down more than once a year to thank a teacher for making a difference for your child.  Our entire community wins when the values of the community are passed on to the next generation through the intangible lessons of honesty, caring, respect, fair play, hard work, high standards, and going the extra mile.  Your teachers go the extra mile and them some.  Feel free to stop and thank them, or have your kids send a note expressing what’s great about their class.  Teachers make a difference, and really, it’s not hard to make a difference for teachers too.


    Spring Dreaming

    It’s the time of year we simultaneously wind down the current year and begin to dream about the next.  I heard last night that the KEEP Campaign is going strong and that Tier Three is now funded!  Thank you!!!!  This means that in addition to Loma PE, school libraries, and student support services, you have ensured electives at CT, and K-5 music.  Thank you for KEEPing our schools vibrant and strong.


    And now we dream of that extra “something” that gives us the edge.  Could we offer instrumental music too?  Could we bring back an Art teacher to Loma?  Could we offer coding or the beginnings of a “makers lab”?  In the shadow of a fire that took away so much, could we dare to hope for more?  I’m almost afraid to hope.  Tier Four means more: more technology, more enrichment offerings, and more options.  If you have not yet given to the KEEP Campaign, please consider joining the effort to make sure our kids have more than the basics.  Any size donation is welcome and appreciated.  Click here to learn what more could mean: http://www.lpef.org/#!keep/cmge 


    Got Golf?

    Calling all great golfers and “casual” golfers for a fun day “Fore the Kids!”  This year’s LPEF Golf Tournament on Friday, May 20th, will be fun for one and all.  I personally don’t know how to golf, but so far that hasn’t stopped me!  Join me, and many other of your mountain friends, for a day of fun-raising and fundraising.  This event is a keystone in our annual lineup of activities to make sure we have great programs in our schools next year.  It’s best ball, so you only need one real player on your team to be in the running for the championship.  If you don’t have a real player, come anyway and we will have fun regardless.  You can build your own team, or ask to join one with open spots.  Those of you who are actual REAL golfers will enjoy the play at DeLaveaga which is a beautiful course that we will have all to ourselves.  Come on!  Sign up!  It’s “Fore the Kids!”  Click here for more info: http://www.lpef.org/#!golfreg/c1ly2


    Calling All Fifth Graders' Parents!

    It’s that time of year again where we begin to plan the fifth grade promotion ceremony.  Kevin Arnold has graciously offered to create the slideshow that plays before the promotion ceremony begins.  If you would like your child’s picture in the slideshow, please email to me 3 to 5 of your favorite digital snapshots of your child through the years.  They do not have to be pictures from school.  Please do not send me more than five because I can’t pick either.  We need your submissions by May 22nd at the very latest.  Please start wandering down memory lane and get your digital pictures to me ASAP.


    About the ceremony: Promotion will begin promptly at 8:45am.  Parking will be at a premium, so please plan accordingly.  Dress code will be enforced for students.  Your fifth graders will be dismissed to you immediately following promotion ceremony.  


    Cub Scouts

    You will see in the flyers section a call for Cubs.  Please note that there is a new mountain Cub Scout program opening for Kindergarteners.  Pack 509 will be

    accepting enrollments from K-5 into the Cub Scout Program.  Contact Bill Taylor for more info:  pack509cm@gmail.com,  408-888-8058.


    Loma HSC News

    Loma/CT Spa Day – It’s National Teacher Appreciation Week and we are celebrating with the annual HSC Spa day! Help us pamper our teachers with treats by signing up at: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040d48adac2fa46-spaday.


    Camera Class – Limited Space!

    San Jose Camera + Video is a Loma Family Owned business. They’ve generously offered to host a “how to” digital SLR class for mountain families. Learn how to use that fancy camera of yours to take better sports/action photos of your kiddos on the field or dancing across the stage! You want to capture your daughter or son earning their black belt, hit that first line drive, and/or jump off their first ramp? Join us for a two-part class Thursday, May 12th from 1 to 4:45pm at the Gazebo. Please sign up in the white book by the HSC box in the Loma office. Checks are payable to Loma HSC.


    HSC Meetings

    We are still in need of parent volunteers to fill our board for the 2016-2017 school year. Please join us Thursday, May 5th at 8:30a at CT for our monthly HSC planning meeting. We will have another meeting Thursday, May 12th at 7pm in the Loma Science Room #1. We will have a breakdown of our needs and positions to fill as well as time commitment. There are flexible opportunities to accommodate all schedules. If we do not have a leadership team in place by June 1st, we will be taking steps to scale back HSC programs and events for the next year. We welcome all new, incoming and returning families. Our Loma HSC is 100% parent driven and welcome all skills and levels of involvement. Please consider attending one of our meetings to learn more.

    Get ready for Summer Reading!!
    We are extremely fortunate to have Valerie Lewis, Hicklebee's owner coming to preview Summer Reading books to our children on Monday, May 9th.  
    The schedule will be as follows: 8:30 - 9:00 am - Kinder/1st ; 9:15 - 10 am - 2nd/3rd grades ; 10:15 - 11:00 am - 4th/5th grades. Parents welcome to attend.  Pre-order forms will be available,  and our Hicklebee's Book Fair will be 2 weeks later on Tues, May 24th - Thursday, May 26th.

    Loma Upcoming Events

    5/6                  SoW Assembly / Spa Day

    5/8                  Mother’s Day

    5/11                Volunteer Tea / Board Budget Study Session

    5/12                Mrs. Dufort’s 3rd grade Field Trip

    5/16                1st grade Flag Presentation

    5/17                1st grade Field Trip

    5/18-5/19       4th grade Field trip / 2nd grade Field Trip / Regular Board meeting

    5/20                Fore the Kids Golf Tournament / Bob Reid Concert