• May 11, 2016


    Dear Loma Parents and Guardians,


    Thoughts from Tuesday Night:


    The heavy equipment has arrived!  While walking the interior of the construction zone with the project manager, he commented that he’d never encountered a superintendent who was excited by noise and dust.  I am VERY excited by the noise and dust!  The sounds of crunching, grinding and an occasional loud thump are now a backdrop in the district office - sort of construction Muzak at this point.  Near the end of the day, when the machinery had gone quiet, I stood in the parking lot and surveyed the first day’s demolition progress.  What struck me was that suddenly I could see the trees on the far side of the building.  The middle space was now open to the sky and greenery previously hidden from the sightline.  In this unanticipated moment I thought about how perhaps something new we hadn’t considered might now emerge.  We are turning a corner in the process.  I am teased by my family about my persistent desire to see what is just around the next corner.  It’s how we ended up living where we do at the end of the road.”  


    For today, I am abandoning my frequent impatience and frustration with the time recovery from the fire takes.  For today, I am delighted to see the trees and sky in a whole new way.  I am intrigued about what is possible.  I am hopeful that perhaps some good surprises await us.  And true to form, now I am profoundly curious about what lays ahead just around the next corner.  Here is an update on where we are before the turn and some pictures from inside the construction zone.


    Repair efforts are underway on the gymnasium side of the facility with the electrical systems now restored to the sports/PE section.  The lights are back on.  Soundproofing material is being replaced after suffering smoke and water damage.  The structural repairs to the ceiling beams supporting the roof are underway along with work on the holes cut for ventilation during the blaze.  The District expects to return the gym portion of the building to full functionality in time for the next school year.  Demolition is now in full swing for the Community Center and classroom sections of the structure and the process for considering exactly how functionality will be restored has begun as well.  Meetings were held last month with the staff and the community to gather input on the long-term facilities master plan being developed this year.  The steering committee for this effort includes district staff and two board members along with community representatives Patti Hughes, Alex Leman, and Scott Salsbury, who provide insight to the broader community perspective.  This team will review the input with the master planning architectural firm and provide planning recommendations to the Board of Trustees.


    The full rebuild of the burned section will be designed with the guidance of the master plan and conform to code changes developed since 1988.  The footprint of the new construction will not match that of the original building due to seismic data that was revealed during the rebuilding of CT English Middle School.  The California Geological Survey will almost certainly require additional seismic studies to inform the design of the new structure.  There will also be additional design and function input before the plans for the new classroom and community space are submitted to the Department of the State Architect for their consideration.  School facilities are required to meet the highest safety standards in the State.  The process to meet those criteria is lengthy particularly when your name includes the words Loma Prieta.  In the meantime, the temporary buildings now in place on campus are fully functional having returned full operational capacity to the schools and community.  The large commercial kitchen serves the school lunch needs as well as major events such as the upcoming Fireman’s BBQ.  The Red Cross/MERC team has conducted training using the temporary facilities and the schools are prepared to serve again as a disaster shelter in an emergency.  The Loma Prieta Community Foundation, Supervisor John Leopold, the Los Gatos-Saratoga Recreation Department programs, Theater in the Mountains Steering Committee and others are all now using the shared office and classroom space available for community use.


    Constuction  Construction

    Thank you Ms. Lelake!

    We love having music back in our schools again this year.  Ms. Casey Lelake has become a valued member of the team, and the students adore her too!  The music enrichment program at Loma and CT elective are winding down for the year with today as Ms. Lelake’s last day for this school year.  Her mom is not well so Ms. Lelake is leaving a little early to support her mom and her family in Alaska for the next month or so.  We certainly appreciate the professionalism and enthusiasm that Casey brings to our schools.  We wish her well as she travels north, and are planning on her safe return in late summer for the next school year.  


    Calling All Fifth Graders' Parents!

    It’s that time of year again where we begin to plan the fifth grade promotion ceremony.  Kevin Arnold has graciously offered to create the slideshow that plays before the promotion ceremony begins.  If you would like your child’s picture in the slideshow, please email me 3 to 5 of your favorite digital snapshots of your child through the years.  They do not have to be pictures from school.  Please do not send me more than five because I can’t pick either.  We need your submissions by May 22 at the very latest.  Please start wandering down memory lane and get your digital pictures to me ASAP.


    About the ceremony: Promotion will begin promptly at 8:45 am.  Parking will be at a premium, so please plan accordingly.  Dress code will be enforced for students.  Your fifth graders will be dismissed to you immediately following promotion ceremony.  

    Ms. Lanovaz’s Enrichment Class

    Ms. Lanovaz’s 5th grade Enrichment class is planning a book swap! Monday, May 16th in Room 1 at Loma during lunch recess, the students will be holding their first book swap. Students of all grade levels are encouraged to bring in books they no longer want and trade for books they haven’t read yet. Please remember to bring books on Monday if you want to participate in the swap. Bring a book! Take a book!

    Loma HSC News

    Hicklebee Book Fair

    Tuesday, May 24 - Thursday, May 26th - Loma Prieta Elementary School

    Get ready for Summer Reading!  The Loma Home and School Club is excited to announce our Hicklebee's Book Fair!   Hicklebee's will have many of their wonderful books available for K-8, as well as a selection of adult books. A portion of all sales will go to the Loma Home and School club.   We will be open from 8:00 - 9:00 AM each morning before school, during lunch and after school until 3:30 PM each day, including Open House, Thursday night.  For questions, please contact Nora Kim at norakimd@gmail.com


    Willow Street and Main Street Burger Meet & Eat

    Wednesday, May 18th - ALL DAY!

    Join us ALL DAY at either Willow Street or Main Street for eats.  Portion of the proceeds go to Loma and CT HSC organizations.  PLEASE be sure to print out the flyer and bring it with you!

    *Please remember that we're invited to participate in this fundraiser - ensure that your children are being respectful of other diners or we will no longer be able to take advantage of this fun event.


    Camera Class – Limited Space

    San Jose and Video is Loma family owned business. They’ve generously offered to host a “how to” digital SLR class for mountain families. Learn how to use that fancy camera of yours to take better sports/action photos of our kiddos on the field or dancing across the stage! You want to capture your daughter or son earning their black belt, hit that first line drive, and/or jump off their first ramp? Join us for a two-part class Thursday, May 12th from 1 to 4:30pm at the Gazebo.


    1-2:30p – Tutorial and how to

    3:15-4:45 – Hands on workshop – BRING YOUR KIDS


    Only $40 with a portion of precedes going to Loma HSC. Sign up in the Loma office or email scmg100@yahoo.com.


    Loma’s Upcoming Events

    5/12                Mrs. Dufort’s 3rd grade class field trip

    3/17                1st grade class field trip

    5/18                2nd grade class field trip

    5/18-5/19       4th grade Coloma field trip

    5/20                Fore the Kids Golf Tournament / Bob Reid Concert

    5/25                5th grade visit to CT / New Kinder Orientation

    5/26                Loma Open House

    5/27                Jogathon and PE Awards Assembly / Last day for milk

    5/30                Memorial Day – No school