• Thoughts from Tuesday Night


    Dear CT and Loma Families:


    It’s a bit odd that here in the closing weeks of school the burned section of the gym/community center complex is finally down. The burned out shell, surrounded by green fencing, has featured largely in my peripheral vision for nine months. Like an ever present shadow, I have been reminded daily of the harm of unintended consequences, the glacial pace of bureaucracy, and the ultimately more powerful resilience of a community.


    The kids and teachers have been great! While we were without formal temporary housing for four months, complaints of less than ideal arrangements were rare. The lessons of kindergarten were abundant: sharing, taking turns, putting things back where found, cleaning up, watching out for traffic, holding hands and sticking together. I could not be prouder of the resilience and flexibility shown throughout the year.


    You were all part of what made the year as successful as it has been. Parents, guardians, and extended family all pitched in and provided ballast during what could have been a much more turbulent year. The Snack Shack teams pulled off lunch every day without a kitchen for almost 6 months. Most of you stayed patient and safe in traffic with evolving lanes and procedures. Classroom helpers and room parents helped to keep the academic pace moving and communication flowing. Laps were counted, art was certainly in action, drivers transported to sporting events, chaperones and game support made sure events were fun and plentiful, plants grew, stories shared, lunches got delivered, there was dancing, and sipping, and shopping and so, so much more. Our schools would not be the vibrant places that they are without your steadfast support. Thank you from all of us!


    Jog-a-thon Assembly – Not to be Missed!

    Please join us next Friday morning for the Jog-a-thon Awards Assembly. In addition to the medals and class prize, Coach Patino will be honoring outstanding 5th grade athletes. As has become the tradition, we have an outstanding video that will highlight and chronicle the amazing day we shared. This production will be the grand finale to the assembly. Don’t miss it.


    Our 10th African Library Project – A message from Angela and Shannon!

    You may have noticed the arrival of boxes in the school lobby. These are to collect children’s books to send to Africa through to the end of the school year.  We are very excited, as this will be the 10th library that will be sent from the Santa Cruz Mountains. Each library consists of 1,000 books so it requires everyone to look through their much-loved books and bring to school the ones they no longer need. Check on the front of the boxes for information about the types of books we can send to Africa.


    We know children love their books, but it is a wonderful feeling to know that a child will read their books who may never have read a book before.  We have sent libraries to many countries in Africa and last year our Library went to Sierra Leone; can your child find this country on a map?  It was badly affected by the Ebola virus and all the schools were closed for a year.


    All the details about the project can be found at www.africanlibraryproject.org and I encourage you to play the slide show to see the impact of the libraries and the faces of the children as they lovingly handle the books when they arrive. We will be updating you when we are assigned a specific school or community, for now, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.  Bring on the books!! Angela Patterson angelapatt@gmail.com 408-353-5364 or Shannon Edwards shannonedwards14@gmail.com 408-353-2710


    Teacher Requests for 2016-17

    It is natural, and a time honored tradition at Loma, that families are wondering what the configuration and teaching assignments will be next year.  Despite any rumors to the contrary, I have not made teaching assignments for next year.  The exact configuration depends on actual enrollment opening day.  We will not be assigning teachers to any particular grade level until we can better anticipate our needs.  We do however begin our efforts to build balanced groups of kids before the end of the school year.  We do not take “teacher requests,” but if you have specific academic concerns for your child, please make your child’s current teacher aware of those before this year ends.   The teachers, Rebecca, and I will work to finalize balanced classes dependent upon the configuration closer to the new school year.   If you have hopes or concerns for next year, please make sure your child’s current teacher knows them as they are in the best position to build our balanced groups.


    Written by 6th grade Leadership:

    Do you have a bunch of old and broken technology items that you need to get rid of?

    The 6th grade leadership Class is holding a Tech Drive, starting Wednesday, May 18th.

    You can donate any personal electronic devices including phones, tablets, earbuds, laptops, styluses, cables, calculators, key boards, chargers, computer monitors, computer mice, gaming consoles, and headphones. The condition the items are in doesn’t matter. They could be working, or broken; old or new. However, donations must be under 30 inches and under 50 pounds. NO TV’s ALLOWED! After the drive, which will go until June 1st, all donations will be given to Goodwill. So what are you waiting for? Your donation can make a difference in the lives of many people!

    You can get rid of all your electronic junk and know it is being used for good.


    Mrs. Carino’s Corner

    As the year draws to a close, I have another remarkable story to tell of homegrown project based learning at Loma.  In Ms. Benson’s first grade class, two students became interested in raising awareness about Manta Rays.  These students engaged in some preliminary fact-finding.  They had watched a documentary and were compelled to learn more about how Manta Rays have been hunted and killed for use in Chinese medicine.

    The two students approached Ms. Benson and explained what they had learned and how they were now concerned about the Manta Rays.   Ms. Benson and the students discussed what they could do within their classroom to help the Mantas. With the assistance of parents, Ms. Benson, a volunteer counseling intern and the two students did some more research and created a presentation for their class. After the presentation, the other students in the class were so fascinated with Mantas and interested in helping them that they made posters to hang in the Loma Forum.  The class began to look into adopting a Manta Ray to help support their protection.  They identified a conservation agency, Marine Mega Fauna Foundation, and then shifted into gear for the adoption campaign.  With a group effort, the 16 students in room 9 raised nearly $150 in about 2 weeks, which went towards adopting a Manta Ray.  This Manta Ray is now affectionately known as Loma Rescue Flappy Mozam.  This entire process centered on class collaboration that eventually produced the very lofty and regal sounding name.   In the end, the name has great meaning: Loma for the location of the adopting students, Rescue for the agency that supports the adoption, Flappy an endearing character trait, and Mozam short for Mozambic the coastal location where the Manta Ray currently resides.

    This month the entire class is learning about and studying ocean habitats and ocean animals, and their knowledge continues to grow and impress all of us! 

    To learn more about mega marine fauna and conservation and what it really means to adopt a manna visit the Marine Mega Fauna Foundation website at www.marinemegafauna.org


    Hicklebee Book Fair - Need Volunteers!

    Tues, May 24 - Thur, May 26 - All Day

    It's coming!! - The Book Fair is next week - Tues - Thursday, May 24 - 26, all day including Open House.  This is a volunteer run-event that your kids love.  If you can spare an hour or two, please sign up for a spot here at: http://vols.pt/RG277T.  

    We can't do it without you!  Contact NoraKimd@gmail.com for questions.



    Wednesday, May 18th - ALL DAY!

    Join us ALL DAY at either Willow Street or Main Street for eats.  Portion of the proceeds go to Loma and CT HSC organizations.  PLEASE be sure to print out the flyer and bring it with you!

    *Please remember that we're invited to participate in this fundraiser - ensure that your children are being respectful of other diners or we will no longer be able to take advantage of this fun event.

    CT Snack Shack

    The last day for CT Snack Shack will be next Thursday May 26. Please remember to send your student to school with a water bottle plus lunch for the last two weeks of school (May 31-June7). Unless you are on the Free & reduced lunch program, no other lunch services will be provided!!


    CT Lost & Found!!!!

    The CT Lost & Found pile has become quite huge. Are your students missing lunchboxes, water bottles, sweatshirts, etc? We even have a few socks and other weird items. Please come look and take a load off our burden! The Lost & Found will be displayed out in front of CT the rest of this week and for Open House on May 27.



    Out of 209 students, 190 yearbooks were ordered at beginning of the year. If you are unsure whether you ordered a yearbook for your student, please ask them to check the list on the office window. Thank you to parents who pre-ordered. If you were unable to pre-order we have a limited number of yearbooks still available. Please see the flyer attached or come into the office as soon as possible to purchase your CT yearbook.


    Wild Times @ CTE

    Early Release EVERY Wednesday @ 1:30 pm

    Upcoming Events

    5/20/16 LPEF “Fore” the Kids Golf Tournament

    5/20/16 8th graders only have HIV/AIDS instruction. Curriculum Binder in CT office

    5/25/16 Incoming 6th grade CT visitation day-during school hours

    5/26/16 Incoming 6th grade Orientation 6pm

    5/26/16 CT Open House 7pm

    5/27/16 CT All School Beach Day

    5/30/16 NO SCHOOL- Memorial Day

    6/2/16 7th grade Renaissance Day-Garden Terrace @ Noon

    6/3/16 8th grade Grad. Practice 8:30-10 am all students attending graduation are needed!!!

    6/6/16 8th grade Grad. Practice 8:30-10 am all students attending graduation are needed!!!

    6/6/16 Sixth & Seventh Grade Awards Ceremony 1:30 pm CT panoramic play area.

    6/7/16 8th grade Grad. Practice 8:30-10 am all students attending graduation are needed!!!

    6/7/16 6th & 7th grade Fun Day

    6/7/16 8th grade SC Boardwalk trip-est. return to school 5pm

    6/8/16 Minimum Day 12:30pm dismissal

    6/8/16 Eighth Grade Awards Ceremony 11am CT panoramic play area.

    6/8/16 Eighth Grade Graduation 4pm CT panoramic play area.