• Welcome to 7th Grade Math!


    This year we will discover how to connect our world to the world of Mathematics. We’ll use pre-Algebra skills in a variety of activities to make these connections. When we all come to the classroom prepared to engage, great knowledge will be gained.


    The following information will help you understand how this course is organized, how you will be graded, and how you can succeed in this math class.


    Textbook: California Math course 2, published by McDougal Littell.

    Common Core: Engage NY

    Math online program: Khan Academy

    Class Organization: Mrs. DePiazza’s CT Webpage, Google Classroom


    Mrs. DePiazza’s Webpage:
    My webpage is updated daily with the HW assignments for each day and hints for solving those problems. If you were absent that day, there will be information on the HW page on what make-up work needs to be completed. https://www.loma.k12.ca.us/Page/1191


    Suggested Materials:

    To bring every day:

    • 1 section in your school notebook/binder labeled “Math”
    • lined paper
    • pencil
    • red pen
    • 1 pair of scissors
    • 1 set of colors (colored pencils, crayons, markers, or pens)
    • calculator

    To Donate to class pretty please:

    • 1 pack of dry erase markers 
    • 1 pack of pencils
    • 1 pack of red pens
    • 100 sheets of lined paper
    • graph paper

    Additional materials for projects may be requested.
    If you are unable to bring these materials, please let me know and we can work on a solution.


    Classroom expectations:
    Try your very best, with a positive attitude. Be respectful of every person in the class and their learning process. This includes yourself.

    1. Be kind and polite to ALL (fellow students, teacher, and guests).
    2. Do not talk while the teacher is giving instructions.
    3. All the talk that is done during group work should be related to math.

    4. Come to class on time and be prepared to learn.
    5. Be responsible for your learning:  a. Participate in class, Take notes, Study for tests, Complete all work. Do your best!

    6. Listen when someone else is talking. Wait for your turn.
    7. Follow directions the first time they are given.
    8. Take good care of all materials entrusted to you.
    9. Keep this room clean; it belongs to you.
    10.Follow all other rules presented in your Student Handbook.


    A reflection will be required each time one of the rules is not followed, followed by a detention. If a pattern follows, consequences will be determined at that point based on you as an individual and your reflections on your own behavior in class. Parents will be contacted as needed, and conferences with parent and/or principal will be held as needed.


    Our Goals:
    1. To create a safe environment where all students have fun learning. 2. To master 7th Grade Math.



    Tests, projects and quizzes will represents 40% of your grade.  

    Classwork is 20% of your grade.

    Homework is 25% of your grade 

    Khan is 15% of your grade

    Scale A (100-93), A-(92-90), B+(89-87), B (86-83), B-(82-80), C+(79-77), C(76 - 73), C- (72-70), D+(69-67), D (66-63), D-(62-60), F (less than 60).


    Classwork and homework policy:
    Math is learned by solving problems. There is no other way around!

    “There is no such thing as a long piece of work, except one that you dare not start.” Charles Baudelaire

    Tips for success with classwork:

    • Show up physically and mentally to class. It is best to work together during class.

    • Respect individual, quiet “think time”.

    • Keep an organized binder/notebook.

    • Be engaged in class! Copy the notes and examples, work on problems, share

      strategies with your peers, ask questions, help with the answers, ask for extra help!

    • Classwork is due at the end of the period.

    Tips for success with homework:
    • Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday.

    • Homework is due at the beginning of the period.

    • Homework is due the following day unless student is absent from school.

    • Projects will be given more time.

    • Khan is assigned weekly, due each Sunday at midnight. Work on a little each day and

      enjoy your weekend.

    • If you need help with homework, be proactive: look at the daily hints on the class

      website, look over the sample problems, check the online math resources (Kahn

      Academy, YouTube), or make an appointment with me.

    • If you do not have internet on the day an online assignment is given, your assignment will be considered late. I will, however, accept a note with your name, the assignment title, date, and parent signature for a chance to work on the assignment for full credit the following day. Each day requires a new note if internet is out multiple days. 

    • Assignments not turned in the following day will be considered late and may be turned in for partial credit until Friday of the following week. The sooner you turn in your missing assignments, the better. I try to update PowerSchool weekly, if not daily.  Missing assignments will be marked Missing.  Once an assignment is turned in late, it will be marked Late.  Students should keep track of their assignments in their agendas daily and online weekly.        


    Tips for success with tests and quizzes:
    Good study skills will help you score well on evaluations. Good study skills include: studying the notes, looking up the lesson in the textbook, reflecting on the concepts learned in class, coming up with new questions, asking questions in class, going over the examples of problems presented in class, etc. These are just a few examples of good study skills. If you struggle in this area, please come and talk to me about it.

    I typically give a quiz each Friday on the material covered that week.  Occasionally I give larger tests or projects. 

     Office hours:
    I welcome students in the mornings starting at 7:50, at break, or by appointment.    



    Math students do not forget:
    Absences are your responsibility. If you were absent that day, there will be information on the HW page on what make-up work needs to be completed. Each math class builds on the previous ones. It is your responsibility to keep up with daily instruction by reviewing the website’s daily updates, contacting me with your questions, having a parent/guardian come to school to collect the work, etc. Falling a day behind puts you in a disadvantage, falling a week behind puts you in serious trouble.

    A little confused? Please seek help when you need it. Do not wait! I am here to help you succeed! Let me know with a note, an email, a call, or a chat.


    If you are tardy please come into class and quietly sit down. You will have to talk to me at the end of the period about your tardiness. There are consequences for unexcused tardiness per the Student Handbook.


    Thank you for taking the time to read this material.


    Mrs. DePiazza