• Try these from Rates and Proportional Relationships 
    (click on and practice these boxes)
      Constant of Proprotionality from Graphs - This is just like finding the slope or the unit rate. - (uppity up over righto right)
      Contstant of Proportionaily from Equations - This is just like finding the slope (y=mx+b) but there is no b(y-intercept).

    The Khan Mission we will be working on is 7th Math.  

    There will be assignments from other areas of Khan including Pre-Algebra. 

    P1 - Khan code: D3UVTKAU  
    P2 - Khan code: 6G59YK5K
    P1 - Google Classroom code:
    P2 - Google Classroom code:
    To focus your Khan practice on topics we have covered in class so far:
    -Go to your Khan mission page.
    -Look at the boxes on the left hand side, under your pie chart.
    -Hover over the boxes to look at the titles of individual topics with each major concept area.   
    -Any box in the category below that is not dark, can be clicked on. This will add it to the list of things to practice on the right "Skills up Next for You" (under where Mastery Challenges appear).
    -Click on the skill and practice.
    Topics we have covered in this class so far (first 2 quarters).  
    Mission Foundations - All
    Negative Numbers: Addition and Subtraction - All 
    Negative Numbers: Multiplication and Division - All
    Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages - (Remember to use Tape Diagrams to Help You) All Except:  
                            "Converting Fractions to Decimals" - Some of this topic has repeating decimals, which we have not covered.  
    Rates and Proportional Relationships - All  Work on this one the most right now!  It will help for your next test.  
    Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities - All 
    Geometry - Any of the topics that have the word angle in them.  
    Statistics and Probability- None