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    Distance Learning Accelerated Reader


    The “Distance Learning AR Program” will apply to 1stsemester, regardless of a transition to a hybrid model or full in-person during 1stsemester.  This means that you do not need to worry about any changes to our AR plan or strategies until after our first AR due date! 


    1) You will be assigned an individualized AR goal.

    2) You will choose your own AR books.  Please reach out if you are not able to access electronic or hardcopy books, I can help!

    3) You will take tests at home.  There is no monitor password, and you may take as many tests as you like.  You do not need to fill out a reading log to take a test, yay!

    5) You must complete your AR tests and meet your AR goal by 9:00pm on Friday, December 11.

    I will re-evaluate and possibly revise our AR program for 2ndsemester depending on the stage of school reopening at that time.


    *If you want to read a book that does not have an AR test, contact me!  There are ways to earn points for non-AR books.  To get a non-AR book approved for AR credit, you must get the book approved on or by November 20.  (You will still have until Dec. 11 to finish working on the book, but pre-approval is required to avoid last-minute scrambles!)


    *If you take an AR test and do not pass, contact me! There are opportunities for re-tests or partial credit!

    Fall Accelerated Reader point goals are due Friday, December 11, 2020.
    Spring Accelerated Reader point goals are due Wednesday, May 19, 2021.
    How Accelerated Reader Scores Are Calculated for PowerSchool:
    AR and PowerSchool are not automatically linked -- I manually calculate information from AR and enter it into PowerSchool.  This is how:
    • The way AR progress is calculated is out of a 100 point scale.  Each student has an individual AR goal ranging from 7 to 20 points, so in order to have consistency in the grade book, everyone is attempting to reach 100% of the 100-point scale.
    • Example: If your student's AR goal is 16, and he currently has 5 points, he has 5/16 = 31% or 31/100.
    • Example: If your student's AR goal is 22 and she currently has 5 points, she has 5/22 = 22% or 22/100.
    • If your student has reached 100% of his or her AR goal, the student is still expected to read diligently and continue to bring books to school, but reading logs and AR tests are no longer necessary for the remainder of the quarter.  


    How to Complete AR - Student-made Video!


Subject #1 Homework

Subject #2 Homework