• August 17, 2016


    Dear Loma Parents and Guardians:


    Welcome back!  Well, we are off and running!  By the time you read this, your kids will have crossed another threshold in their educational lives.  The beginning of the year is always an exciting time full of anticipation, hope, eagerness, and a few butterflies in the stomach for students, teachers, and even a superintendent now and then.  Please know that we are all excited to welcome your kids back to our campuses in what promises to be an active, engaging, fast paced year.  It is going to be great!


    Your kids matter to me, to all of us, and we commit to you that we will bring to your kids our expertise, our passion, our enthusiasm, and our pride in the young people they are becoming.  Our teachers and staff have been working long hours to get our schools ready for your kids’ arrival.  I think we may be as excited as they are!


    We have a great year unfolding ahead of us at both Loma and CT English.  Your kids will be challenged, encouraged, supported, inspired, and stretched beyond their comfort zone at times.  We appreciate your partnership, your sweat equity, and your commitment to all our kids and our community.  I can’t wait to see all of you soon!


    Corey Kidwell



    Please save the dates for Back to School Night:

                CT English – Thursday, August 25th @ 6:30 PM in the CT Quad

                Loma – Wednesday, August 31st @ 6:30 PM in the Loma Forum


    ……..…………..……………..   School Nuts and Bolts  …………...………………….

    Start Times:

    We are placing an increased emphasis on start times.  Our academic day really begins at 8:20 am.  Please have your kids to school on time.  It’s better for them.  It’s better for their entire class.  Establishing those routines early is hard, but it is so worth it in the long run.


    Dress Code:

    Thanks for all your efforts to get your kids ready and to school on time.  Please review the dress code for each school and talk with your student about it.  The biggest issues at CT are short shorts and spaghetti straps on girls.  At Loma the biggest issues are having kids wear appropriate shoes to play in.  I know many of us don’t want to battle the clothing fight any longer, but we will begin having kids call home for changes of clothes.  Save yourself a trip to school and double check attire on the way out the door.


    Parents on campus:

    We love having you here.  Please help us secure the campus by using the sign in and sign out process in the office.  You will be given a visitors badge.  Please do not “just pop in” to your child’s class to drop off a lunch or missing assignment.  It is very disruptive to the instructional flow.


    Safety Alert:

    We are peanut free schools!  Please do your part to protect all kids with life threatening peanut allergies.  While there are sensitivities to many food allergens, peanut allergies are particularly dangerous, and we live in a place without access to immediate medical facilities.  If your child has peanut butter for breakfast, it is very important that they wash their hands and face before coming to school.  I realize that this is at times a large inconvenience for families and kids who love peanut butter, but not as big an inconvenience as the risk of grave medical danger.  Sun butter, almond butter, cashew butter and others are all fine.  Be adventurous and find an alternate source of protein for your child’s lunch.  Thank you!


    Transportation and Traffic:

    Traffic Please do not leave your car unattended in a red zone ever!   If you come early, please remain in your car.   Better idea – let your child take the bus!  You can have a little extra time, reduce our traffic, and lower your carbon footprint.  Tickets are available in the school offices and pass order forms are available from the Transportation Department section of our website: https://www.loma.k12.ca.us/domain/32



    Get your “acknowledgement form” (the one with all the parent/guardian and student signatures) in ASAP.  Your child cannot access our technology labs or field trips without it.  The tricky part is the parcel number so start looking for that now.  The deadline to submit this and your Urgent Contact form is Thursday, August 18th.


    End of Day Notes:

    Your student needs a note to do anything other than their normal routine.  They need a note to go home with a friend, get picked up by another parent, walk to the Summit Store, etc.  Leaving school without permission on file is a considered a “cut” and will be dealt with as a disciplinary matter.


    TB Testing Opportunity:

    TB Testing - Sept 6th -  8:15am-9:30am in the PE portable classroom

    TB Test Check - Sept 8th - 8:15am-8:45am in Loma Conference room


    CT English Sports:

    The C.T.E. Sports year begins with Boys Volleyball, Girls Soccer and Coed Cross Country.  Signups are in the CTE office starting Wednesday, Aug. 17th and practices begin the week of August 22th.  Check out the CTE website for more information.


    Loma’s Upcoming Events


    8/31    Back-to-School Night 6:30p

    9/5      Labor Day – NO SCHOOL

    9/23    Movie Night