• August 24, 2016


    Thoughts From Tuesday Night


    Dear Loma and CT Families:


    We are delighted that the school year is underway.  You have heard me say this before, but having kids back in the buildings after summer vacation is one of my favorite times of year.  The summer is peaceful, but the buzz of the Fall is the best!  I have had many, many teachers talk to me about how excited they are to get to know their students.  CT teachers in particular have commented on how nice the "new" kids are.  CT prides itself on being a place where it is cool to be nice, so getting "nice" kids makes the culture even stronger.  


    The Back-To-School Night events are next up.  CT families, please join us Thursday night at 6:30 on the quad.  Our line up of teachers has shifted a bit.  You will want to hear what is in store for your kids this year.  The CT event runs quickly as you move from class to class in your child's schedule.  We will begin right at 6:30 so please join us!  Loma families are invited next Wednesday at 6:30.  We begin in the amphitheater off the Forum.  Back to School nights are a great way to find ways to be involved in your child's educational process.  Your partnership with your kids' teachers makes a great year even better!  See you here!


    Sports Information Meeting for Parents

    Our athletic director, Nancy Lanovaz, will be holding our annual after school sports meeting for parents during Back To School Night.  The meeting will be held in the gym at 8:30 p.m. immediately after the 6th period rotation.  If you have a child who is playing or plans to play one of our C.T.E. sports, it is important that you attend this meeting.  If for any reason you cannot attend, please notify Ms. Lanovaz of your need for a make-up session. 


    Drop off and Pick Up

    We have seen a big improvement in the process and timeliness of the beginning and end of the day routines.  Thank you!  We greatly appreciate vehicles moving all the way forward to the farthest available spot at the Loma curb.  This practice alleviates the backup in our lot and prevents standing traffic on Summit Road.  I haven't had to bug one person about parking in a red zone yet!  Awesome!  Please do remember to drive slowly through the parking lot.  The speed limit is posted at 10 miles per hour.  Parents and kids are often stepping out from between parked cars.  Please follow the basic speed law and lower your speed to a safe rate during peak times. 


    Dogs on Campus

    While dogs are a big hit with the kids, please do not bring them to school.  Even the best-behaved dog can become startled and bite.  It happens when you least expect it.  We love your dogs, but don't want them on campus during the school day or at sporting events.  If you bring your dog to campus after hours, please clean up after them.  Better yet, don't exercise your dogs where your kids play!


    Beach Day!

    This Friday is one of our two annual trips to the beach with the middle school students.  This is a long-standing tradition that builds bonds between students and teachers.  There are paid lifeguards on duty at all times.  We encourage kids to bring plenty of sunscreen and snacks.  If your child has any outstanding forms, please turn them in by THIS Thursday so that your kids can participate.  No forms, no Beach Day!


    Thanks again for a great start to this new school year.  We will see CT families this week and Loma families next!  Please don't hesitate to send me any questions you may have.  You can reach me at c.kidwell@loma.k12.ca.us.  


    Corey Kidwell