• http://www.arbookfind.com is the web link to AR Bookfinder.  You can find out if the book in which you are interested has an AR test as well as the reading level & interest level.  The book should be at your reading level and at Middle Grades interest level.  Just because you can read it, doesn't mean you should.                            Notice that Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer, is a Book Level (reading level) of 4.9.  That is 4th grade 9 months. But it is and Interest Level of Upper Grades; it is about a seventeen-year-old girl's relationship with a boy.  Twilight, by Erin Hunter, is a higher reading level; however, Interest Level for Middle Grades.  It is about a warrior cat clan's adventures. Meyer's book is for high school kids, but she wants to sell a lot of books, even to high school kids who do not read well!
    Just because you can read it, doesn't mean you should!