• We have a recorder at home, now what do we do??

    There are many students who are bringing home the recorder to practice.  Here is an informative website about how to support your student in bringing home their first musical instrument.  3 Things To Tell Your Student When They Begin A Musical Instrument. 
    • It is a very old instrument (Google it!)

    • It was popular during the 16th and 17th centuries.

    • There are FIVE different sizes of recorder.

    • Students are playing the SOPRANO recorder.


    • If the player is not covering the holes properly (with the pads of the fingers—where the fingerprint is), the instrument does not sound good.

    • Be careful not to bang the recorder against anything. Plastic can chip or crack.

    • Keep the mouthpiece clean. Plastic recorders can be washed once in a while in warm water. 

    recorder fab five