• September 28, 2016


    Thoughts from Tuesday Night


    Dear CT and Loma Families:


    You can probably read my mind at this point.  That might be easier than finding the words on days like these.  First, let me say thank you to the many, many, many helping hands that are working the fire lines, defending homes of neighbors and friends, loaning trucks and heavy equipment, transporting livestock and pets to safer quarters, comforting those who are afraid and living in the unknown, and so much more.  These are the purposeful acts of kindness and professionalism that make our community such an incredibly wonderful place to live.  Never in my life have I seen the idea of, “We have each other’s backs” lived out so fully time, and time again.  Thank you!


    Next I want to say thank you for entrusting us with your kids, on days like today, especially.  At parent drop off the well understood anxiety of separating from our children during times of stress was palpable.  For parents new, and relatively new, to our mountain this is a difficult first.  We’ve all been there.  Thank you for trusting that we will keep your kids safe as we would our own.  There are some important things to know about our schools:

    -          They are very safe places to be during challenging times.

    -          This is some of the most defensible space on the mountain. 

    -          Our construction is solid (thanks in no small part to the DSA). 

    -          We have an ample water supply.

    -          We have a means to transport everyone if necessary.

    -          We are most often accompanied by a large presence of fire and police personnel as they

                recognize the value of this location for all kinds of staging efforts.

    -          Routine and structure are comforting for kids (and adults).

    -          We know your kids. We adore your kids. We have your back!


    Finally, I want to say that time and again our mountain community is tested.  While some tests threaten to tear at the fabric of our community, each test seems to bring us closer together over time.  We learn more about each other.  The lessons of generations of mountain families are passed to neighbors and new friends.  I am proud to call Loma Prieta home.  I am proud to serve with colleagues who take every relationship with parents and kids personally.  Over time we learn of each other’s triumphs and heartbreaks – some shared, some private.  You become part of what makes us strong and resilient.  There are other great schools in the Silicon Valley, but there’s no place like home.  Stay safe.



    Corey Kidwell



    Loma Home and School Club Hosts “Meet and Eat”!

    Willow Street Wood Fired Pizza and Main Street Burgers restaurants welcome Loma Prieta and CT English friends, families and supporters to participate in their Giving Back Fundraising Program on October 5. A flyer coming your way soon will allow Willow Street Wood Fired Pizza to donate 20% and Main Street Burgers to donate 15% of your take-out or dine-in food and beverage lunch and dinner purchases to the Loma Prieta Home and School Club! This event will be held on October 5th at Willow Street Wood Fired Pizza and Main Street Burgers, which are both located at 20 S. Santa Cruz Avenue in downtown Los Gatos. Watch for the flyer!


    Wild Times @ CT English MS

    Early Release EVERY Wednesday @ 1:30 pm

    Upcoming Events

    10/05/16 CT hosts SVAL Cross Country @ 3pm

    10/6/16 Summit Store Meat Bonanza

    10/08/16 LPEF Gala 4pm Maison du lac

    10/12/16 CT HSC mtg. 8:30 office portable

    10/12/16 School Board Mtg. 7pm

    10/21/16 Fall Dance Loma Forum 7-9 pm

    10/29/16 Loma’s Boo Bash in the Gym & Flu Clinic

    10/31/16 CT & Loma Minimum Day 12:30 dismissal

    11/1/16 NO SCHOOL- Staff Development Day