• November 16, 2016



    Dear Loma Families:


    Thoughts From Tuesday Night

    Next week is Thanksgiving, and those of you who have been reading my TFTN over the years know that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  For me, it is a time of reflection and a sometimes too rare day that everyone can share in regardless of other traditions they keep.  This year, I am thankful (most of the time) for rugged roads.  I was reminded of this by a conversation with a parent this week.  It was one that started on a difficult topic and ended up being one of those “teachable moments” of insight for the student, parents, and for the educators as well.  It was a series of tough conversations with a good outcome.


    I am the kind of person who always wants to know what is around the next corner especially on rugged roads.  It is what lead my family to our home “at the end of the road.”  It is what helped me to discover my favorite primitive camping spot on the East Fork, of the North Fork, of the American River one snowy spring day years ago.  I admit that wondering sometimes inhibits my ability to live “in the moment,” but curiosity is fundamentally a good thing.  On my end of the conversation with the parent, I was touched by how thankful I am for parents who really know, and see, and appreciate their kids in all the ways they learn.  Parenting can be tough, raising a family has challenges, making a life in the Bay Area can be stressful on many levels.  Facebook makes it look easy, but we all know that it is not.


    The past year has been not been the easiest for my family.  I kept waiting to see what was around the next corner, and sometimes the surprises weren’t good.  But, if I have anything I am acutely thankful for this Thanksgiving, it is the good things that have come from the hard things.  Losses have unfolded in ways that connected us as an extended family across time zones.  Disappointments have opened new perspectives on what really matters.  Joy, laughter, and simple things matter more to me this Thanksgiving than perhaps ever before.  I thought tonight about the roads we tend to encounter living here on the summit.  They aren’t straight for long.  The curves can be narrow and tight.  There are ruts, and potholes, and trees or debris in the way at times.  I love our mountain and the roads we choose to share.


    It is our rugged roads that lead to incredible vistas with long views.  It is rugged roads that have schooled our kids on how to navigate safely.  It is the rugged roads that hold the landmarks of growing up – the place where we saw the cougar, the old barn, the Jenny Head, the tree farm, the house with the pool where the kids learned to swim, the slide, the big madrone, where to find waterfalls after a rain.  The most important life lessons often come as we navigate the difficult times in our lives.  The bumps in the road are good teachers.  This Thanksgiving I am thankful to share a mountain that is safe, welcoming, forgiving, generous, caring, and where a deep appreciation for nature is lived and passed along.  Life can unfold in surprising ways.  Gratitude for the gifts we are given in life is one of the key tools for managing stress and improving the quality of our lives.  Thank you for the kids you are raising.  Thank you for all the ways you participate in the life of our community. 


    I hope you and your family enjoy a day of creating memories with one another.  At the end of the road, those matter most.  Happy Thanksgiving!



    Corey Kidwell




    Loma News

    Lost and Found – Two days before the Thanksgiving Holiday and the Lost and Found pile is huge. Please come and take a look and take what belongs to your child. As a reminder, please label all the jackets and sweaters.


    Needed – While cleaning out your closets, we are in need of tee shirts, pants, and socks for students in 3rd through 5th grade.



    Loma Upcoming Events

    11/14-11/28     Accepting applications for Talent Show

    11/18               SoW assembly 8:30a

    11/21-11/25     Thanksgiving Holiday Break – NO SCHOOL

    12/1                 Talent Show Auditions 3-5p

    12/2                 2nd grade field trip  / SoW assembly 8:30a

    12/3-12/4         CT Holiday Craft Faire

    12/6                 4th grade field trip / Talent Show rehearsal 3-5p

    12/8                 Talent Show rehearsal 3-5p

    12/9                 SoW assembly 8:30a / 1st grade field trip