• December 21, 2016


    Thoughts from Tuesday Night


    Dear CT and Loma Families:


    It’s officially winter – as if we needed a reminder!  This year I am thinking about the divisions in our country, the pain of violence at home and abroad, and of the many families who will be missing those taken too soon.  For me personally, this day also marks what I think of as, “the light coming back.”  We have noticed the early shadows and dark skies.  Now the light will begin to return – just a little each day.  That is my hope for our future – that the light will return a little each day.  We have many challenges before us.  The ones we can work on together for immediate impact are often local.  I am often thinking local now.


    As I drove through the school parking lot on my way home tonight (some of you know that I think of this as “tucking in” our schools for the evening) it made me smile to see cars I recognize even long after dark.  There were a few classroom lights on.  Martin was working away as an unsung hero getting ready for tomorrow.  A car or two were likely basketball coaches in our brightly refreshed gym.  Someone was walking the track with a small light (brrrr!).  I like that we share a space in this place we call home.


    In one of my final checks of email this evening, I read about the two dogs – a black lab and a boxer – I saw having a great time on Summit Road this morning.  I worried about them being able to navigate traffic.  I guess living on the mountain we worry about our kids and our pets needing to learn to navigate busy streets.  Reading the summary from 95033talk tonight I smiled at the string of neighbors who spotted, identified, and rounded up the adventurous canines then tracked down the grateful owners for a happy ending to the morning jaunt.  These are the moments that matter in a day.  People noticed.  People cared.  People went out of their way to help a local stranger.  It’s the mountain way.  We aren’t perfect.  We make mistakes.  We disagree and learn to live with our differences.  We make peace with one another and share a life. 


    Thank you for being part of the light that cannot be extinguished by the darkness.  Thank you for the small kindnesses you offer to others.  Thank you for your generosity and commitment to our small schools.  Thank you for reflecting the heart of the generations before us who held the forest at bay to build a life for their families.  Thank you for remembering those who are in sorrow or in need.  Thank you for sharing your family with all of us.


    Please take care of your family, friends, and yourself during this break from school.  Time with one another can be the greatest gift of all.  Enjoy your break.  Enjoy your time together or alone.  Rest up.  Play.  Laugh.  Sing.  Skip.  We will see you next year!




    Thursday Minimum Day Schedule – 12:30 Dismissal for BOTH schools!

    There will be no lunch at either school.  Please pack a generous snack.  Students will be dismissed directly from class at 12:30 pm.


    Spelling Bee Champions

    Loma Elementary hosted its annual Spelling Bee in the run up to the Scripp’s National Spelling Bee to be held this spring.  Our Semi finalists competed last week.  They included: Keira Sullivan, Mason Bonotto, Dylan Wachob, Patrick Slone, Noah Messenberg, Aleida Nunn, Grace Murray, Peyton Steffen, Nate Jones, Peter Potts, Carson LeCornu, Kathleen Daniher, Ethan Sanders, Chloe Basson, Andrew Fichthorn, Aurora Vincenot, and, Sydney Mortensen, Sydney Ematrudo, Rachel Stephens, and Jordan Daniher who moved on to the Finals.


    Today we crowned the school champion!  Congratulations Jordan Daniher!  Jordan will now compete in Santa Clara County for the honor of representing Loma Prieta hopefully all the way to the National Bee in Washington DC.


    Loma Fender Bender

    If you drive a white Nissan SUV and were involved in a small fender bender at Loma last week, please contact the district office at 353-1101 for an update.


    Goodwill Donation Station

    The Loma and CT Home and School Clubs send their thanks for the tremendous support of the Goodwill fundraiser.  More than 7 tons of goods were donated bringing a total of $2,203.50 for our parent partner organizations.  The Home and School Clubs are looking for another round in May, so start collecting your gently used donations.


    Saratoga High School Presentation:

    The SHS presents Dr. Jerrold Lee Shapiro: What Boys Need - Girls have made significant academic and social gains but are boys being left behind?

    January 18, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.  This event is free and open to the public. For more information and to register, please see the attached information.