• January 18, 2017


    Dear CT and Loma Families:


    The Future Begins Now

    Tonight, the Board of Trustees will consider two important facilities topics.  The first will be the selection of an architect to begin the design and planning for the final phase of restoration of facilities lost to the fire.  The trenching is underway to explore the geotechnical options we will be working with.  The firm selected will work with the seismic realities, the design demands to restore the lost functionality, and we will continue to be deeply engaged with our insurers to manage budget and fiscal implications of the new construction efforts.


    Additionally this evening, the Board will begin to consider funding strategies to implement the 10 year facilities master plan approved this fall.  There are many projects on the large list including the Loma field, north campus improvements, and the Multi-use building which also faces seismic challenges on the other side of Summit Road.  There are also long term needs for technology, refurbishment of Loma, energy efficiency measures and much more. The process of considering our future facilities and long term financial stability is all part of the Board’s stewardship over time.  It will take a mountain!  You are invited and encouraged to join in the conversation going forward. Tonight’s board meeting begins in the Loma Forum at 7:00pm.  This will be the first of many conversations so please watch for more opportunities to discuss these topics in coming weeks and months.


    Speaking of the Future!

    It is the time of year when we begin to plan for next year’s funding.  The Board of Trustees is looking at our instructional program priorities and our amazing partner, the Loma Public Education Fund, is beginning to look at their fundraising efforts.  The year ahead promises to be “lean” from the state so LPEF’s efforts will be more critical than ever.  Please take a few minutes to respond to this survey for LPEF so your voice can be heard!






    Corey Kidwell



    8th Grade Elective Field Trip to LGHS

    All Eighth graders will go on an Elective Review Field Trip to Los Gatos High on Monday Jan 23 from 8:45 until 11:30 am. Even if your student will not attend LGHS next year this will be a fun field trip and they will learn about electives offered at a high school level. Eighth grade students will bring home the permission slip tomorrow. We have a one-day turn around on this permission slip and they are due this Friday Jan. 20 Please ask your student for the permission slip tomorrow night and fill it our immediately.    Thank you for your help.


    Wild Times @ CT English MS

    Early Release EVERY Wednesday @ 1:30 pm

    Upcoming Events

    1/27/17 CT Science Fair in the Gym

    1/27/17 Quarter 2 report cards hand carried home by students

    1/27/17 CT Skate Night at Sharks Ice