Working at Home

  • The following is a day's worth of curriculum to be used in case of school closure.

    You could also use this information for additional practice of known skills after school, during vacation time or in case you are home too sick to come to school but well enough to keep learning!


    **READ 20 minutes per night.  This includes independent reading as well as a shared read aloud.  Vary books between fiction (picture books) and nonfiction (instructional).

    **READING RESPONSE:  Re tell the story in your own words.  Re tell the story with a different ending of you own.  Draw and write what you learned from the book.  Act it out in a play, or with puppets.  Sing it as a song.  Create a puppet of the main character.  Look up more stories by the same author.

    **JOURNAL time.  Use words and pictures to tell a story, respond to literature, record your thought, feelings or ideas about meaningful happenings.

    **FINE MOTOR PRACTICE:  Legos, small blocks, putting coins in a slot, picking up coins from a hard surface, Playdough, Wikki Sticks or pipe cleaners, stringing beads, cutting practice, coloring practice.

    **ONLINE RESOURCES:,, (reading) (science) (math)