• May 3, 2017


    Thoughts from Tuesday Night


    Dear Loma and CT Parents and Guardians:


    Thoughts from Tuesday Night

    Perhaps it is a rite of spring to look back at the year ending and those that came before.  This evening, at the Summit Store, I was reminded again of how quickly the time passes.  I ran into a Loma/CT family whose kids are getting taller and we reminisced about when our daughters were small.  I stood in line behind alumni who I wouldn’t recognize except for their smiles and eyes.  The checker was one of my first CT students.  I got home before my teenage daughter who now has “free range” with her driver’s license (it still feels odd when that happens).  The years continue to flow forward, and again I am reminded – don’t blink.


    Every day is a gift, don’t blink.  Many of you have heard me say this over and over.  I don’t always follow my own advice.  I worry.  I over plan.  I care too much at times.  Tonight I was reminded by great mountain friends that time passes swiftly and what matters most is, at times, too easily missed.  The Jog-a-thon tugged at 5th grade heart strings.  Many parents are now getting ready for graduation festivities.  It seems like race to the finish line.  For me, it’s good to remember, it’s the journey.  Enjoy it.


    Speaking of Graduation – An invitation to 5th and 8th grade parents

    We have begun our graduation prep.  Please start looking for 3-5 digital photos of your kids that you would like included in our pre-graduation slide shows.  The photos can be of any age, at school, home, anywhere.  Our slide show plays before the graduations begin.  Please send the photos to me at c.kidwell@loma.k12.ca.us for inclusion in the showcase.  Please don’t send me more than 5 and ask me to choose.  If you have cute photos of groups of kids, I would love to have a few extra of those.  The deadline for submission in June 1. 


    Shout Out to Jog-a-Thon Team

    The 30th Annual Loma Jog-a-Thon is a wrap!  Thank you to the Loma HSC Jog-a-Thon Committee for making the magic happen one more time!  The event is always festive and a celebration of life at Loma.  This year, at 30, the tradition has become multi-generational.  Mrs. Bennett was in awe of what she launched and tended to for all those years.  She and I spoke on the sidelines when the second graders were running about how cool it is to see something of your creation outlast you.  Thank you Mrs. Bennett, Coach Patino, Cricket and the amazing Loma parent team who once again showcased how strong and healthy our kids and community really are.  As the shirt said, “Hear us Roar!  Watch us Win!”  We did indeed!


    Getting the Band Back Together!

    By popular demand, we are offering Ms. Lelake’s cool band shirts to everyone.  You may have seen them around campus and wondered how to get one. Use these links to order.  All proceeds will be used to support our fledgling instrumental music program.  These are Lelake designed, not available in stores, and only available for a limited time.  Don’t miss out! 

    Place your order here:

    Here is the adult size...https://www.bonfire.com/ms-lelakes-looming-band/


    Here is the youth size..https://www.bonfire.com/ms-lelakes-looming-band-littles/

    Cool shirts  

    Show Your Appreciation – Help with Spa Day

    It is that time of year when we come together to create a magical afternoon for ALL of our teachers and supporting staff throughout the Loma Prieta School District.  Both Home and School Clubs sponsor this event, but we cannot do it without all of our parents pitching in.  Below you will find a list of needs to make this day happen.  Some items are donations and some are just on loan for the day.  Large and small there is something we can all give to make Spa Day happen.  I know this is the one event each year that many look forward to, and I hope you will consider jumping in to help!



    Volunteer Tea

    Hello wonderful parents and volunteers!  We are so grateful for all that you do for our schools and students.  We most certainly couldn’t do it without you!  Thank you!  Please join us as guests of honor at our volunteer “camping” tea on May 10, 2017 at 10 a.m.


    Back by Popular Demand – Got Stuff?

    The Loma and CT Home and School clubs have arranged for another Goodwill “stuff the truck” event on May 20 and 21.  Please see the attached flyer for details and fire up the spring cleaning.




    Corey Kidwell



    KEEP! Campaign

    As our KEEP! fundraising efforts shift into gear, we are pleased to announce that we have funded our Tier 1 priorities for the 2017-’18 school year.  That’s a tribute to your sustained and continued generosity; your commitment to making our children’s education something richer and more well-rounded than state financing will allow. 


    So (as they say), if you’re keeping track at home, we have funded the following for next school year:


    Developmental Physical Education at Loma

    Library Services at CT English

    Library Services at Loma Prieta 


    This week of our KEEP! (Keep Excellent Education Programs) Campaign we turn our attention to Tier 2 priorities: 


    K-8 Student Support Services and Counseling

    Core Flexibility and Elective Options for 8th Grade

    Tier 2, as with Tier 1, are priorities that we are already currently funding and would very much like to keep. The first of these Tier 2 priorities is largely self-explanatory and, we believe, bestows a benefit for our entire community.  The second Tier 2 priority will allow 8th grade students to continue to pursue elective options including engineering, foreign language, advanced math and yearbook. These academic and extracurricular offerings not only nurture academic and creative advancement, they’re important touchstones in a vibrant middle-school experience. 


    We consider the funding of these Tier 2 priorities an entirely worthwhile endeavor and hope you’ll give consideration to our suggested KEEP donation amounts of $800 for one child and $1,200 for two or more. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated and will help our community reach our goal. 


    Please visit our website at  www.lpef.org/keep  for donation information or complete a donation form from our website or in the school offices. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please reach out to me at  president@lpef.org  or another LPEF Volunteer Governing Board member. 



    Thank you for your support with our 7th Annual "Fore The Kids Golf Tournament.  We have 20 days until tee off & only 7.5 foursomes left.  We will sell this event out.  Tell your friends, coworkers, family members and enemies not to wait until the last minute to sign up.  Don't be left without a tee.  Looking forward to seeing you all there.


    Thank you, 


    Ben Abeln

    LPEF President 


    Building Blocks Carnival

    Come celebrate the end of a long, wild, exceptionally wet winter by spending a beautiful sunny spring day at Maison du Lac! Count on plenty of activities for kids of ALL AGES---sack races, elfin garden design, face painting, bouncy houses, beading, fruit loop necklaces, a photo booth, bubbles, and a scavenger hunt. There will also be a silent auction with many wonderful items including San Jose Sharks tickets, a round of golf for four, and packages with professional photographers. Enjoy a BBQ catered by the Summit Store, a full bar, and live music from the Wildcat Mountain Ramblers! Admission is FREE. Tickets for food and activity bracelets can be purchased at the event. For more details, go to http://www.buildingblockscoop.org/Carnival 


    Springtime Basketball Camp Grades 3 to 8

    For those considering basketball for the fall season, Coach Eddie is putting on a camp Saturday, May 13th.  Coach Eddie has led our CT English Boys Basketball teams through successful seasons over the last few years.  To register, go to:  www.allstarbba.com


    Housing Resource Fair

    West Valley Community Services is having a Housing Resource Fair on May 16th from 4:00pm-7:00pm at the Cupertino Community Hall.  Please see the attached flyer for more details.

    Spring Pictures

    To view your child’s Loma Spring pictures taken April 21st, to go www.jimnelsonphotography.com, click on: studio online, Event Code: lomaspring2017. Look for your student’s teacher folder and enjoy. Purchase is optional.


    Lost and Found

    The Goodwill truck will be here May 20-21st. Come take a look at the lost and found rack by the front office. Whatever is left will be donated to the Goodwill.


    Loma’s Upcoming Events

    5/5       SoW assembly / Spa Day / Spirit Day – Fairytale theme

    5/10     Volunteer Tea 12:30 / Board meeting 7pm

    5/11     1st grade field trip

    5/14     Mother’s Day

    5/15     Kinder field trip

    5/16     4th grade field trip

    5/19     Fore the Kids Golf Tournament at De Laveaga