• June 6, 2017

    Dear CT and Loma Families:


    With the year quickly winding down, I wanted to give you an update on news for the 2017-18 school year.


    Promotion/Graduation Updates

    Loma’s promotion begins promptly at 8:45 am with the slide show starting at 8:20 am. 


    CT’s graduation begins promptly at 4:00 pm with the slide show starting at 3:40 pm.


    Dress code’s apply for both ceremonies!


    Parking will be at a premium – come early!



    We are saying farewell to team members who are moving on to the next chapter in their lives.  Jo Murto, who has helped us tremendously in building our reading intervention program, is moving out of state.  Barbara Bishop, who has dedicated many years to our schools in both our transportation and special education departments, has decided it’s time to retire.  Another member of the special education team, Ronnie Parker, is leaving to explore private practice.  And finally, our third grade team is undergoing big changes. Katharyn Roberts, a mountain kid who returned “home” and begin her career with Loma has decided to leave our “bubble” and has taken a job in the valley.  Kate Drazen, who has helped to lead our growth in readers’ and writers’ workshop, has moved with her husband to their first home and the new commute is not sustainable. We are sorry to lose these talented members of our team, thank them for their years of service, and wish them well in the adventures ahead.


    Another change to be aware of is at CT.  Ms. Peralta is getting married and will return in the fall as Ms. Hulewat.  Don’t panic when you can’t find Ms. Peralta on your child’s schedule.  She will be here just with a new name! 


    Teaching Assignments

    Everyone is wondering about who is teaching what next year.  Loma teachers are likely to stay in their present assignments though KEEP and hiring decisions may dictate changes over the summer.  Below is the Loma line-up without KEEP and with KEEP.


    Loma Without KEEP                                                  Loma With KEEP

    Kindergarten – Ms. Ray and Ms. Zook                      Kindergarten – Ms. Ray and Ms. Zook

    First – Ms. Dufort and Ms. Benson                            First – Ms. Dufort and Ms. Benson

    Second – Ms. Riccomini and Ms. Ignoffo                   Second – Ms. Riccomini and Ms. Bowen

    Third –Vacant                                                             Third –Vacant

    Fourth – Mr. Heisinger and Mrs. Shoemate               Fourth – Mr. Heisinger and Mrs. Shoemate

    Fifth – Ms. Van Zante and Ms. Lyon                           Fifth - Ms. Van Zante and Ms. Lyon 

    PE – Coach Patino                                                     PE – Coach Patino

                                                                                       Music – Ms. Lelake

                                                                                       Science – Ms. Ignoffo


    CT Electives still in the KEEP funding balance include art and music for 6th and 7th grades.


    As you can see, KEEP makes a big difference for enrichments.  I had a parent ask me how KEEP is different than the Gala, Golf, or other events. KEEP is the last push to get all the way to the finish line.  We have a remaining funding gap of about $30,000.  As of today 70 families have participated in KEEP.  Many more families have participated in the Gala, Golf, sipping, shopping, tree trimming and more.  It is this last cash campaign that completes the fundraising cycle.  If you can make a donation of any size, your contributions will help change the options for kids next year.  You can help us secure art, music, and Loma science for next year by donating through the LPEF.org website.


    Ready, set, read! 

    The window on AR goals begins on 6/9. 


    Sports News – It’s a Wrap!

    Please see the news flyer below.  Thank you to Amy Korb for running our sports desk!!!  

    Looking for Summer Fun?

    Get Your Game On (formerly knows as BAWSI) is back for the 8th year with Mr. Arias!  Camp starts on June 20, 2017. Be sure to sign-up to hold your place for four weeks of summer fun!  The camp is open to students entering 1st – 9th grades and runs half day T/W/H from 9am -12:30pm in the gym and around campus.  You can “drop in,” but space is limited so print the flyer and sign up this week! 


    Please see the other flyers attached for more options.



    School Begins on Thursday, August 17th. 

    It will be here before you know it!  Have a great summer!

    Corey Kidwell

    Mountain Jam 2017

    Mountain Jam returns to our community this Summer August 5th at the Gazebo playfield so save the date!  Mountain Jam is a free family musical festival and picnic that features multiple professional local bands.  Funds raised helps support our school music program.  Between bands we also feature individual performances by young mountain musicians and vocalists.



    Bring your kids, your friends, beach chairs, umbrellas, sun screen and celebrate our mountain summer at MJ17.  There'll be volleyball, frisbee, face painting, henna tattoos and snow cones.  The BBQ shack will be cooking up burgers and serving refreshments.  The silent auction features many high quality items including vacations, musical instruments, music lessons and many other items.


    We are excited to have participation this year by Service Dogs for Children with Disabilities (www.sdcd.org). There will be a service dog demonstration and other canine education activities.  If your child is interested in performing at Mountain Jam please contact me at 88louis88@gmail.com.  We welcome student volunteers who would like to build on third community service hours.


    Let’s have fun at MJ17.  See you there!