• Kindergarten Homework

    Kindergarten Homework

    Homework in Kindergarten this year will be OPTIONAL.

    Kindergarten Homework

    1. Take Home Book Folder

    · Each night your child will bring home their Book Folder. Please read the book that is inside aloud to your child.

    · After reading the book, respond to a prompt from the list.

    · Many times your child will select a book that they have already brought home, or they will not get the opportunity to choose a new book. Please reread this familiar book. Rereading is a critical part of early literacy and has been found to increase a child’s ability to learn new vocabulary and concepts.

    · Your child MUST return their Book Folder to school EVERY day they would like to get a new book.

    · Lost or destroyed books must be replaced in order for your child to continue to bring home books.

    2. Word Wall Flash Cards

    · Most weeks your child will add a new word to their Word Wall Flash Card deck of cards.

    · Please help your child read their words throughout the week.

    · Refer to the sight word activity list for more practice ideas.

    · Please keep the Word Wall Flash Card deck in the Ziploc bag.

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