• August 16, 2017


    Dear Loma and CT Parents and Guardians:


    Back to Basics

    There are a couple of long standing practices/rules that have relaxed over the years, and as you know, no good deed goes unpunished.  Due to problems that arose, the following long-standing rules will be in full force beginning with the first day.


    The campus is “closed” until 4:00 pm.  Only students enrolled in formal activities may stay on either campus beyond dismissal.  Kids in sports, Kids and Co., Girls on the Run, etc. may be on campus, but the playgrounds and fields (including the kinder yard) are not open to the public until 4:00 pm.  This will allow for smoother transitions to after school programs and reduce distractions for teachers working in their classrooms.  If parents want to organize after school play dates or conversations, please move across the street to the North Campus until after 4:00 pm.


    No personal toys or recreational property should be brought to school.  No good comes of it.  Please do not send your child to school with a fidget spinner, basketball, Pokemon cards, detachable backpack decorations like key chains and fuzzy things, stuffed animals or other toys.  Teachers will have materials needed for students with IEP’s or 504 plans.  Toys and personal property will be sent to the office for parents to retrieve.


    No cell phones on campus during the school day.  If we see a cell phone on campus between 8 am and dismissal, it will be collected and placed in the school office.  CT students ONLY may turn on phones after school. Loma students’ pick-up planning should be done through the school office.  If a Loma or CT student needs to call or text home between 8-3, they need to come to the school office to use their cell phone.


    No dogs on campus during school hours 8-4.  The rule is actually no dogs on campus ever, but that is unenforceable.  If you bring you dog to campus during non-school hours, they must leashed and cleaned up after.  Really!  Everyone thinks their dog will never cause a problem, but dogs in crowded areas act differently than when at home.  Please don’t put us in the uncomfortable position of needing to call animal control.


    Try 10!  The speed limit on campus is 10 MPH.  Please try it.  It is very slow!!!!  We will be introducing a Loma Prieta Pace Car Pledge to encourage all drivers to reduce speeds on campus to 10 MPH.  


    As a reminder:

    • We are a peanut free school.
    • The first day of school is a minimum day – please pack an extra large snack.


    Parking Lot Etiquette – Please slow down and be patient with other drivers.

    • Never leave your car unattended in the drop-off or pick up area.
    • No parking in red zones ever – this is our fire lane.
    • Always watch for pedestrians.
    • Right lane up the driveway for drop off and pick up.
    • Left lane up the driveway for through traffic to parking areas.
    • Don’t cut in drop off or pick up lines.


    We will open the lower baseball field on the North Campus for parking on August 17th.


    Eclipse Activities

    The solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st, is generating great excitement.  With the school year just getting underway, staff is working to create a developmentally appropriate set of eclipse activities for students in 1st-8th grades.  Students will not be out at recess unsupervised during the eclipse.  Teachers have access to the NASA live streaming and groups of students will be invited to move briefly through supervised stations to safely view the eclipse.  We need your help!  Please, please, please talk to your child about safe ways to view the eclipse. There is never a time when it is safe to look at the eclipse directly.  If you have glasses to donate, you can send them to your child’s teacher or the school offices.  Do not give your child glasses to use.  It will cause confusion and distraction.  No disruptive behavior will be tolerated.  If you want more information about the eclipse or safety, here are some resources:  





    Two things: 

    1)  If you DO NOT want your child to participate in school based eclipse activities for any reason, please send a note to your child’s Loma teacher or to the CT office by Friday of this week!

    2)  If the eclipse event is important to your family, and you want more than we can safely offer, please feel free to bring your child to school late.  We will be offering educational experience exemptions for excused absences related to the eclipse until 11:00 am. CT students are encouraged to attend first period before leaving for family viewing.


    Thank you for working with us to provide access to this educational solar event.  Student safety is our number one priority.  Given that this event is occurring on the third day of school, we are adding structure to balance the educational requirements of the school year getting underway and the educational opportunities that the solar eclipse offers.  Talking to your student in advance will help us a great deal.  


    CAASPP Results

    Individual results for statewide testing in grades 3-8 have arrived in the district office and will be mailed home shortly.  Please expect to receive them by the end of next week.  If for some reason, your child’s scores do not arrive by August 25th, please contact the school office.


    Calling for Cross Country Coaches

    If you have a desire to share your love of running cross country, and are interested in coaching this first middle school sport of the year, please contact Nancy Lanovaz at n.lanovaz@loma.k12.ca.us to express your interest.




    Corey Kidwell