• August 23, 2017


    Dear Loma and CT Parents and Guardians:


    Thoughts from Tuesday Night

    From my first anxious days as a new “Kinder Mom” twelve years ago, I never could have imagined the journey I would take with our schools. Nor could I have imagined the journeys I would have the privilege to travel with other families on our mountain. Education, particularly in small schools, is about relationships – in the classroom, in the school community, at the store, in times of crisis and celebration, moving with kids and families across the arc of time is a truly remarkable experience. Thank you for accompanying me, all of us, on this road to our collective future.


    Tonight, I was reminded of my family’s first day in our new home at “the end of the road.” The unexpected knock at the door was that of a friendly, gregarious young woman inviting us to join her family for a Fourth of July celebration across the road at her parents’ house. Over that weekend, and for the next dozen years, we have come to know this family, and our amazing neighbors, well.   This young woman soon graduated from UC Davis and returned to the mountain she had known growing up. We came to know her fiancé, celebrated their wedding at Skyland Church, were inspired by the view from the land they bought to build a home, and waited anxiously for news of the births of their two wonderful children. I am so grateful to have been a witness to her life’s unfolding.


    In the past week, my kindergartener launched into her senior year at Los Gatos High School, and my young neighbor’s son became the newest kindergartener at “the end of the road.” The next generation of Loma/CT kids has begun! Sometimes I have to ask myself, “Who gets to do this, be part of this kind of community experience?” It’s not the typical experience of most Bay Area superintendents. I feel very, very fortunate.


    kinder and 8th      As part of our fall traditions, we hold a K-8 assembly to highlight the journey and growth students experience in our schools. Eighth graders Nadya and Jack offered advice to two kindergarteners. Jack and Theo capture the bookends of the elementary years.

    I am grateful for the chance to serve so many families as well as being part of an amazing team of educators. No, we are not perfect. In 20+ years of educational leadership, I have known LOTS of teachers and the entire teams of professionals that make schools work. The experience the Loma Prieta team creates for your kids is truly second to none. I guess that’s why we are all raising our kids here. It’s our teachers – who are a spectacular group – and our entire professional staff in every department who make our schools what they. We have so many unsung heroes!


    You have heard me say it time and again that there are many fingerprints on the hearts, and minds, and futures of our children. Much thought, care, dedication, compassion, strategy, commitment, and mountain spirit goes into every day here. You are also part of that synergy between families and educators. You help us meet the many challenges of small schools in a small district. You help make our classrooms vital and our extra-curricular programs possible. Thank you for being Loma and CT parents and guardians. It’s going to be a great year! Thank you for being part of the mountain energy and commitment that it takes to launch a life, 527 lives at a time.


    Details, Details, Details – Action Required

    To do list: Returning families, please take a moment to click here and print out the Response Form reflecting your review of the annual “Parents/Students Rights” (in English/in Spanish) document. You and your child/ren need to sign the two page Response Form in multiple places. Your child needs this signed in order to log on to computers, ride the bus to school or on field trips, and much more. These forms are due to your child’s Loma teachers by September 5th. CT 6th graders turn in the forms to their 1st period teacher. 7th and 8th graders turn the forms into their 5th period teachers. CT students must turn these forms in by September 5th to participate in “Beach Day.”


    Log on: All families! If you have not yet logged on to PowerSchool, please do so this week. We will be launching our revised emergency contact system which will allow parents to access PowerSchool to update emergency information such as urgent contact email addresses and phone numbers. We need everyone to log on to PowerSchool before the emergency contact system is launched on August 28th. PowerSchool credentials have gone home multiple times including this week to CT parents in the purple folders. Loma parents, if you don’t have access to your print out, please email Raquel Marin at r.marin@loma.k12.ca.us, and she will resend yours. CT parents who need assistance can email Julie Bourque at j.bourque@loma.k12.ca.us.


    Morning drop off: Thank you for pulling ALL the way forward at the drop off curb. This has been the smoothest start to a school year ever. Filling up the curb all the way forward allows us to get more kids to class on time. Thank you!


    Opening on the Board of Trustees: The Loma Prieta Joint Union School District announces an open position on the Loma Prieta Board of Trustees.  This new position is a 14-month appointment through November 2018.  Candidates must be a resident of the Loma Prieta Joint Union School District, be a registered voter, be 18 years of age or older, and be a citizen of this state.


    Interested persons are encouraged to obtain a Candidate’s Information Packet and application by calling the District Office at (408) 353-1101 or emailing Eileen Bevans-Franks at e.bevans@loma.k12.ca.us.  District office staff must receive applications during office hours between September 5th and 19th 2017.  The district office is on the middle school campus and is open from 8:00 AM 4:00 PM.  Board members will review all applications and establish a special meeting date to interview qualified candidates.


    If you have questions regarding this appointment, please contact the Loma Prieta School District office at (408) 353-1101.


    Save the Date:

    August 30, 2017 - Loma Prieta Elementary School Back to School Night – 6:30 pm

    September 7, 2017 – CT English Middle School Back to School Night – 6:30 pm




    Corey Kidwell



    Loma News

    Carino’s Corner:

    Welcome all to a new school year.  At Loma, we are emphasizing a culture of kindness, respect and safety.  In the past, we have found that as the school year progresses, our focus on culture wanes a bit as we direct our attention to other valuable aspects of school.  Fortunately, we participate in Project Cornerstone which provides guidelines for positive culture and student interactions.  We are grateful to have adult volunteers who, throughout the year, utilize books and games to bring the Project Cornerstone messages into the classroom.  This year, we are all committed to maintaining a sustained focus on positive culture at Loma.  We will utilize the messages in Project Cornerstone and include a few new elements as well.  In addition to Coach Patino’s Lunch Bunch sports games, we have enlisted an additional youth leader at recess to coordinate and oversee fun activates during recess.  Many of you will recognize Lisa O’Sullivan.  Please welcome her in her new yard supervision role.  We plan to promote student engagement and develop a culture of kindness, respect and safety.  To support this message, we are asking students to follow six student expectations including following directions the first time, encouraging and helping others, keeping hands, feet, mouth and objects to oneself, being in the proper place at the proper time, walking in the building and on the black top, using materials and equipment properly.  We plan to celebrate the positive interactions that students maintain by offering time to participate in desired activities.  


    At this upcoming Friday Morning Assembly, we will be reinforcing our positive cultural norms and expectations affectionately known as the “Loma Way”.  As parents, you are an essential part of our team.  You play an integral role in what your student(s) learn about treating others with kindness, respect and safety.  We welcome you to come to the assembly on Friday and to speak with you student(s) about the valuable role they play in maintaining a positive culture at Loma.  We are looking forward to partnering with you this year and generating a focused, sustained Loma Way. 


    Loma Wed Hot Lunch is Back!

    First lunch is Wed August 30th.

    Sign your family up for a mid week break and have your kids enjoy a hot and healthy lunch at school! All food is prepared with LOVE by Loma Parents.

    Any questions contact Molly at lomactlunches@gmail.com. Order form attached, available in Loma Front office or at Lomaprietahsc.org.


    Upcoming Loma Events

    Every Wednesday is Early Release.  Dismissal is at 1:30

    8/30    Loma Back to School Night 6:30-8pm

    9/1      SoW Assembly 8:30a / Spirit Day, wear your class color:

                K=red, 1st=orange, 2nd=yellow, 3rd =green, 4th light blue, 5th blue