• October 4, 2017


    Dear Loma Parents/Guardians:


    Thoughts from Tuesday Night

    There has been a lot of bad news lately!  Tragedies seem to unfold around us and access to media brings violence, natural disasters, war, and heartbreak into our homes and day-to-day experience.  Sometimes it can feel overwhelming when there is so much need and so little action one can take locally to make a difference.  For most of us, there are only two or three degrees of separation from the sorrow.  For some of us, it is close, and personal, and devastating.  One of our former teacher’s daughter, Lisa, was at the concert in Las Vegas.  She and her friend Carrie were enjoying the event when shots rang out.  Lisa is safe, but sadly, Carrie was slain in the ensuing mayhem.  Our hearts are with all the families who were impacted by this tragedy.


    First, let’s talk about how to talk to the kids.  We are so fortunate to live and work in an extremely positive and safe community.  Our kids are largely sheltered from threat and fear.  The relentless images from devastating crimes in Las Vegas will continue to appear on our various screens and information feeds.  It is important for the adults to protect themselves from digital overload to be able to respond to the children’s questions, confusion, and anxiety that can naturally flow from a national tragedy.  If you think your kids are not seeing the images, I would counter that they are likely seeing more than you know.  There could/should be a longer conversation about the impact of so many powerful images consumed, even passively, by our children.  In the meantime, here are some sound resources for finding developmentally appropriate ways to talk to kids about the news.








    I am old.  I remember the first day my family got a TV, the first time I saw the NBC peacock in full color, and when we began seeing the news coverage of the Vietnam War.  My dad was a journalist.  I grew up a news junkie.  I was taught to believe that information was power and that factual information is essential to democracy.  And still, my dad didn’t want a TV in the house.  He died when I was young so I never really understood his objection.  Now, looking at the relentless commodity that the 24-hour news cycle has become, I wonder if he had some inkling of an over exposed world of information.  I am NOT blaming the media.  It just seems to me that our society has become desensitized to, or perhaps just overwhelmed by, the terrible imagery, the immediacy of information and disinformation, the detachment and normalization of violence.  I certainly don’t have any answers to the haunting questions of why and how the tragedy in Las Vegas could have come to pass.  I do believe that those who live their lives precariously balanced between light and dark are not helped by the flood of information and negative rhetoric that surrounds us each day.  For the vulnerable, the reinforcement of the worst ideas seems far too easy.  I hope, for all our sake, we can collectively find some way to understand, and stem, the growing tide of violence and hate.


    We cannot prevent every tragedy, but we can balance the imagery for our kids and ourselves.  We are all in this life together.  For today, hold your kids close and teach them that love is stronger than hate.  For today, let’s count our blessings and work to create a world where more people share in what we take for granted.  For today, let’s promise to be kinder to each other and to work to grow understanding between one another.  


    An email came today from our former colleague who shared her dear friend’s words after reflecting on the loss of her daughter.  She said she is, “going to double down and be more intentional about loving and being kind and compassionate to all of those around her, both strangers and people she knows well.  That is all we can do.”   If she and her family can find some purpose in this senseless act, let us join them in this time of great sorrow and suffering.




    Corey Kidwell



    Gala News

    The Gala is this weekend!  But you don’t have to wait to start bidding on items.  Online bidding is open NOW on BidPal.  Go to https://one.bidpal.net/lpefgala2017/browse/all to see what’s available.  Can’t make the Gala but still want to help?  Go to BidPal and make a monetary donation.  This is the biggest fundraiser of the year for our school and every donation counts.


    Back by Popular Demand!

    The Loma and CT English parent/family directory is back – and is now even better!  The directory is now free to all parents, faculty and staff through the generous sponsorship of the Craig Robinson Reality Team.  Please expect an email from the Home and School Clubs tomorrow providing a link to the new directory and instructions on how to use the resource.  This is a great tool for our school community.   We are so pleased to have it fully funded and available to all for free.  Thank you Loma and CT HSC and Team Robinson!


    Family Dinner and a Movie Night – National Treasure

    Don’t miss out on a chance to enjoy a family movie night right here on the mountain.  Next Friday, October 13th, the CT Home and School Club, along with the Loma Prieta Community Foundation, are hosting a dinner and movie in the CT Gym.  Great food, a great movie, and a great cause.  Please help support the Washington D.C. Trip by joining your friends and neighbors for a night at the movies!  Please see the attached flyer for a menu and advance order details.


    Upcoming Events

    10/6                 SoW assembly 8:30a

    10/7                 Gala at Maison du Lac 4-11p

    10/9-10/13       5th grade field trip to Pigeon Point

    10/11               Regular Board meeting 7p

    10/13               SoW assembly 8:30

    10/20               SoW assembly 8:30

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