• November 15, 2017


    Dear Loma and CT Parents/Guardians:


    Thoughts From Tuesday Night

    For those of you who have been reading the Wednesday news since it was called the “Wednesday Packet,” you know that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Aside from wonderful food and excellent company, Thanksgiving – for me – is about time. Time is that resource that often proves elusive.  This is a time of year we are invited to slow down our busy brains and focus on gratitude.  Positive psychology has documented the impact on the brain and overall health of routines and rituals grounded in gratitude. Spending a few minutes each day reflecting on what we are thankful for is a powerful, inexpensive tool to promote wellness.  This doesn’t mean it is easy in our overly connected, media driven day-to-day lives.  At the same time that our kid’s brains are being impacted by “screen time,” we also recognize that just slowing down enough to be grateful can help wire the brain toward positive health. 


    Today, looking out at the magnificent mountain we share, I am reminded again about how lucky I feel to have landed in Loma Prieta.  What a great place to raise kids!  The sense of community, belonging, and “having each others’ backs" is tremendous.  Every day my family is reminded about how lucky we are to live “at the end of the road.”  Driving down Miller-Cut Off each morning, the blue roof of Loma reminds me of how lucky I am to be entrusted to serve our schools.  When I see the young deer, speedy quail, shy fox, wild turkey, cocky coyote, bobcats in the orchards, and occasional cougar cam shot, I continue to be in awe of how much nature surrounds us.  I am grateful for the rain and the trees that stay up in high winds.  I so appreciate the Summit Store team who get to know all of us, and work to create the Summit region as a destination along with our wineries and many other entrepreneurs.  I am lucky to have found a place to call home that has room for all of us, our diverse points of view, our differences of opinion, our unique outlooks on life, and that we manage to find ways to work together to solve our shared challenges.


    As we enter the holiday season, it’s okay to reflect on the meaning of each holiday for your family and allow yourselves to remember what really matters.  It’s not the “stuff” or the stuffing.  For those of you traveling, travel safe and adventure well.  For all of us, let’s make memories with meaning and share the stories of our lives.  Happy Thanksgiving!


    Difficult News to Share – Mrs. (Moore) Bennett

    Eileen Bennett shared with staff two weeks ago that she has been diagnosed with stage 4-lung cancer.  This week she gave me permission to share the news with our broader community.  I know this is shocking news and devastating to Eileen’s family and friends.  Mrs. Bennett will begin treatment shortly with a fine team of physicians at UCSF medical center.  Eileen has indicated that she isn’t up to calls at the moment, but if you would like to send messages to her, we would be happy to forward emails or send on notes of support to her home and family.  Mrs. (Moore) Bennett is an icon in our school community having taught PE at Loma for more than 30 years.  Her retirement two years ago was the end of a magical era.  That she now faces this journey breaks our collective hearts.


    It is during these types of challenges that our shared mission becomes more poignant.  Eileen has inspired at least two generations of mountain kids and helped us shape who we are as an institution.  I am sure that Eileen would remind all of this week to never take a day for granted, to tell those we love how much they mean to us, to be thankful for life’s gifts, and to live every day to the very fullest.  Our hearts and thoughts will be with Eileen and Steve, their kids and grandkids through the challenging days, weeks, and months ahead.  It’s takes a mountain, and this mountain will be with her!  We will give you the opportunity to talk to your kids first about Mrs. Bennett’s health.  Students in grades 3-8 will be invited to make cards and posters later this week and beyond.


    More Thoughts From Tuesday Night

    Once again, the news is reporting on a shooting involving a school.  While each of these incidents is different, they all share the similarities that scare us all – shootings near or in local schools.  I don’t want shootings involving schools to become so commonplace that we don’t acknowledge the tragedies and label the violence as unacceptable.  This incident in rural Tehama County was at a small school rather a large one.  This incident was among people who knew one another.  This shooting brought understandable fear and pain to an otherwise quiet community.  Our hearts are with them.


    This is another reminder that we are our brothers and sisters keepers.  This is another reminder that we must all refuse to settle for violence as a way of life.  This is another reminder that life is fragile and our children vulnerable.  Please know that the Loma Prieta team remains committed to student safety as our top priority. Our safety measures may sometimes cause inconvenience.  We are committed to doing everything we can, in spite of an unpredictable world, to ensure that your kids are safe at school.  I am grateful to our first responders for always being nearby in urgent and emergency situations.  I am grateful for a vigilant, caring community that includes kids who know to speak up if something seems amiss.  Together we share the responsibility for keeping our community safe.  This will always be the top priority for our schools caring for your kids.




    Corey Kidwell



    Screenagers – Tonight!

    The Loma Prieta School Site Council is pleased to host a viewing of “Screenagers,” the award-winning documentary by physician and filmmaker Delaney Ruston.  “Screenagers” highlights the impact of screen time and its effects on teens and their families.  Current struggles related to social media, video games, academics and the Internet are addressed.  The film provides solid information and food for thought stimulating viewers to raise questions and engage in dialogue that will help inform their choices around managing screen time in their lives.


    For more information visit the Screenagers website at www.screenagersmovie.com


    Viewing Date: Wednesday, November 15

    Time: 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

    Location: Loma Forum

    Ticket Price $5.00


    Seating is limited.  You can order your tickets on line here: https://impactflow.com/event/5801/checkout/tickets 


    During the showing of Screenagers, Kids and Company will open to support childcare for 25 children maximum – first come, first served.  Children must be enrolled in Loma Prieta School District schools to attend.  The flat rate is $5 for students already enrolled with Kids and Co and $9 for those students who are not enrolled with Kids and Company.  Please contact Bridget Freiri at b.freiri@loma.k12.ca.us for more details and to sign up.


    Turkey Trot

    The annual CT English Turkey Trot is right around the corner.  The event will be run this Friday beginning at 12:30 on the Loma Field.  The fun run will be followed by free lunch and dessert provided by our amazing CT Home and School Club and the faculty.  You are welcome to help cheer on the CT’ers beginning at the Loma field.  To help with the prep and serving of lunch, please contact Julie Bourque at 353-1123 or Nancy Lanovaz at n.lanovaz@loma.k12.ca.us.


    December 2nd-3rd – Holiday Crafts Fair!

    The largest fundraiser of the year for the CT Home and School Club takes place in the gym during the first weekend in December.  Please consider this venue as you prepare your holiday shopping list!


    Wreaths to support student travel

    Want to help an 8th grader go to Washington DC this spring? Pre-order your holiday wreaths on the attached order form and return to the CT office by Wed. Nov 29, 2017

    CT Eighth graders will also be selling wreaths at the Craft Faire Dec 2 & 3 in the Gym.


    See’s Fundraiser to support 8th grade DC trip

    Our eighth graders attending the upcoming Washington DC trip will be selling See’s Candy for the next few weeks. Please find an 8th grader or come into the school office to order your holiday candies this year! All orders need to be received by Monday Dec. 4 and will be distributed by Friday Dec 15, 2017. Thank you for supporting 8th grade!


    Attention 8th Grade Parents!

    Your 8th grader received residency materials for Los Gatos High School this Monday, Nov. 13, 2017. Please be sure to ask your student for the Freshmen Residency Packets for Los Gatos High School for Fall 2018.  The on line portion needs to be completed and all forms returned to the CT Office by Tuesday Dec. 5, 2017.  Please note that there will be important dates included in the packet.  Please look for that calendar and make note of the deadlines and orientation events.  These are scheduled by the high school and are not flexible locally.  Don’t miss out!  If your child is not planning on attending LGHS, please indicate that on the forms you return to the office.  (I’m just giving you a heads up that this might be a good time to start looking for your favorite 3-5 pictures for the graduation slide show.  Time goes by very fast from here on out.)


    Wild Times @ CT English MS

    Early Release EVERY Wednesday @ 1:30 pm

    Upcoming Events

    11/13/17 through 11/17/17 CT on a regular schedule (No minimum days)

    11/14 through 11/16/17 Book Fair to benefit both CT & Loma

    11/17/17 Friday-CT Turkey Trot-starts at 12:30 on the Loma Field

    11/20/17 through 11/24/17 No school Thanksgiving Break

    11/27/17 through 12/1/17 7th Grade in Yosemite

    12/2/17 & 12/3/17 Annual Holiday Craft Faire in the Gym

    12/9/17 & 12/10/17 Goodwill Fundraiser supporting the HSC

    12/13/17 School Board Mtg. Loma Forum 7pm

    12/22/17 Minimum Day both schools 12:30 dismissal

    12/25/17 through 1/5/18 NO SCHOOL-December Break

    1/8/18 Classes resume