• January 31, 2018


    Dear CT and Loma Parents and Guardians:


    Thoughts from Tuesday Night 

    Watching the moon rise tonight, I am listening to the “song” of the frogs.  They are SO happy!  I do love our only neighborhood “street light” – the moon.  On this warm January night, as I anticipate the blue, blood moon and listen to the symphony across the road, I can’t help but smile and feel a deep sense of gratitude for life on the mountain.  Our kids have come to appreciate nature, a can-do spirit, and the many grown-ups who take part in their collective lives.  Tonight, I’d like to say thank you.


    My first thanks are to the amazing Molly Surgalski.  As a Loma, and then CT, mom, Molly became a “mom of sorts” for all of us when she took over the leadership of CT’s Snack Shack.  Humble, kind, caring, wise, and creative, Molly has quietly and steadily nurtured many years of hungry CT’ers and the CT staff and parents who were lucky enough to be part of Molly’s world.  I have heard from so many students who come back from the high school and are in shock that cafeteria food pales in comparison.  More than one student has said to me, “We are wrecked!  It will never be as good as Molly’s!”  Sometimes you have to leave the comforts of “home” to understand how wonderful it was.


    The CT students, as well as the Home and School Club and Snack Shack moms and dads, are working on ways to say thank you to Molly for her wonderful food and quiet nurturing ways.  We hope everyone who knows Molly will participate.  The CT student council will be raising money from the kids to buy Molly a Summit Store gift card.  We hope all the kids who love the chicken, curry, pasta, pesto, grilled cheese, café plates, sushi, Mexican food, tortilla soup and so much more (Molly even taught me to love veggies!) will bring in some of their own money to pitch in for a grand meal for Molly.  I understand the grown-ups are planning something more elegant, but please encourage your kids to share in the collective thanks organized by the CT students.  It will mean the world to Molly.


    I am so grateful for how steady Molly was after the fire.  She’d lost the kitchen, but didn’t miss a beat.  Molly mobilized her crew to build a new modified menu, even locally sourced as much as she could, to help the students find comfort after the loss.  You should also know that Molly quietly fed many who were hungry even when it was not her job.  Molly came to know the kids who needed a cozy, comforting touch.  She never asked permission.  She never made a fuss.  She just quietly made sure that the kids who needed something more for breakfast found warm offerings to start the day.  We need more Molly’s in our lives, and we will most certainly miss Molly from the CT kitchen.


    This week there are thanks due as well for the many Science Fair judges coming in from near and far to assist with this year’s celebration of curiosity.  Now in our 10th year, the Science and Engineering Festival have engaged students, parents, and judges in expanding both rigor and wonder.  The science fair projects are a lot of work!  Thank you to all the parents who could step back from the impulse to make their child’s project just a little more “perfect.”  Thank you to all the parents who helped connect project partners after school and on weekends.  Thank you to all the parents who helped kids understand that, in the real world, not everyone does their “fair share,” meets all deadlines, or gives credit where credit is due.  The projects can be fun, frustrating, or both.  Working with a partner in a high stakes context carries the risk of disappointment as well as acknowledgment – just like the real world.  Our kids are growing up.  Thank you for helping with their introduction to a world bigger than the mountain and often beyond our control.  We know we are raising our kids in a bit of a bubble.  This is part of stretching that bubble to include awe, surprise, collaboration, and lessons in time management.  To all our emerging scientists, I say thanks as well for their willingness to explore, test, fail, learn, and share.  It takes a mountain!  Thank you parents and judges for making our mountain just a little bit more curious this week.


    Neighborhood Coffee Invitation

    Please join our school board president, Deana Arnold, and me for an informal talk about the current state of our school buildings and grounds. I’d like to hear your thoughts in order to help with our consideration of community support and timing for a facilities-improvement bond. Please join Deana and me for this casual conversation at Skyland Church tonight, (January 31, 2018) from 6:00-7:30 pm. Please use this link to RSVP so I can save you a seat! 





    Corey Kidwell



    Quicksilver Youth Run Club

    Excited to bring Quicksilver Youth Run Club up to the mountain, and share this great club opportunity with the community! We will be starting a regular practice at Loma Prieta starting Thursday Feb 1st. Practice will be 4 to 5pm and will continue to be every Tuesday and Thursday, meeting at the Loma Gazebo (north side of campus). Grades 1st through 5th are welcome to join, parents are also welcome to join in on the fun!


    To join please follow the below steps:

    1. Join Quicksilver Run Club (fee of $10 a year or $40 for a family). You can sign up and pay via the website: http://www.quicksilver-running.com/Youth-Running (click join us at the top left corner).
    2. Fill out the QRC Youth Information Form and bring to your first practice. After receiving this information, we will add you to the team site on Shutterfly where the calendar and communication of practice changes and cancelations will happen.
    3. Strongly encourage and appreciate if members join PAUSATF (join online at http://www.pausatf.org) for $20.  The PAUSATF number for QRC is 284.  If you don’t join PAUSATF, you will not be able to compete with the team at USATF meets and you will not be covered by PAUSATF insurance.

    For practice please bring a water bottle and wear appropriate running attire. A typical practice will start with some dynamic stretches followed by a short warm up run (about .5 miles). Form drills, then the body of the practice will vary from team relays, hill repeats, timed loops, longer runs, etc. followed by a cool down or a running game. Typically, a practice can accumulate about 2 to 3 miles over the duration. Please contact me with any questions.


    Beau Van Zante




    LGHS Invitation

    In our efforts to bridge our high school with your school we want to offer such a deal for your students.  Our "brush-up" rehearsal of the spring musical, ANYTHING GOES will be on Wednesday, March 14 at 3:30.  The tickets for your students and staff are at the all time low price of $2.00 - that's right - less than a latte at Starbucks!   If you are interested in seeing the show, please email Julie or Raquel no later than March 7 to reserve a spot and join us for an afternoon of singing and dancing.


    Open Enrollment for the Los Gatos – Saratoga Union High School District

    Each year, LGSUHSD offers an open enrollment application option for students who reside within the district but wish to attend a school other than their school of residence, e.g., for a student who lives within the Los Gatos High School attendance area but wishes to attend Saratoga High School. Note that any intra-district open enrollment transfers approved for the 2018-2019 school year will remain in effect for the remainder of the student’s academic career in LGSUHSD, providing the conditions noted on the application form are met and district residency is maintained.

    The open enrollment period for the 2018-2019 school year will be from January 22nd through February 8th, 2018 and a limited number of spaces are available for students wishing to transfer to Saratoga High School. Applications will be available on the LGSUHSD website www.lgsuhsd.org and at the LGSUHSD District Office at 17421 Farley Road West, during this time. However, they must be turned in no later than February 8th, 2018 by 4:00 p.m. AT THE LGSUHSD DISTRICT OFFICE. Please see “open enrollment” on the district web site at www.lgsuhsd.org for additional information about this process. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Services Division at (408) 402-6323.


    8th Grade ASB/Leadership Class-Freshman Year!

    8th graders interested in Leadership opportunities at LGHS. Leadership at Los Gatos High school is a one-year elective course designed to prepare students
    for leadership opportunities in college and in the work environment. This class offers students an opportunity to develop a variety of essential skills such as communication, organization, goal setting, collaboration, event planning, time management, public speaking, and critical thinking. The purpose of Associated Student Body Leadership at Los Gatos High School is to plan and implement activities that both serve and enrich the student body, the staff, and the community.

    Please see the attached application. Deadline is February 27, 2018


    Loma Home and School Club News

    Looking for an afterschool enrichment Class? The Loma Prieta Home and School Club is proud to offer Physic and Chemistry enrichment classes on Friday afternoon with Irvine Lindsey. Irvine is a master science teacher with OSE. His classes are fun and each session is different. Classes will be held on our north campus (near Building Blocks Preschool).


    Wild Times @ CT English MS

    Early Release EVERY Wednesday @ 1:30 pm

    Upcoming Events

    1/31/18 Neighborhood Coffee @ Skyland Church 6-7:30 PM

    2/1/18 CT Science Fair, 6pm Parent viewing

    2/2/18 CT Science Fair

    2/14/18 CT HSC Mtg 8:30

    2/16/17 CT Sharks Ice Fun Night at the Sharks Tank 7-9pm

    2/19/18-2/23/18 NO SCHOOL February Break

    2/27/18 8th Grade Mandatory Washington DC Mtg 7pm-Temp Community Rm