• February 7, 2018


    Dear Loma Parents and Guardians:


    Thoughts from Tuesday Night 
    I am always in awe of kids and their thinking.  Reviewing this year’s science projects, I am so impressed with the content and collaboration.  I heard a speaker recently talk about shifting our push for “passion” over “curiosity” in student-centered investigations.  Not all students are “passionate” about what they study, but most are curious about something.  Our students were clearly curious about MANY things!  Hair gels, skunk odor, wildland fire, erosion, earthquakes, redworms, fog-catchers, glutens, microwave radiation, contaminants on grocery store conveyor belts, and so much more, all got their attention.  I don’t think you could write a textbook that would capture the imagination on these topics.  Yes, the science and engineering festival is a lot of work.  And, the tenacity to follow your curiosity all the way to presentation of findings is a real life skill!  Giving students choices in their learning, allowing them to personalize how and when they are going to investigate, and encouraging that being wrong about a hypothesis is just as valid as being correct are all important aspects of supporting the development of lifelong learning skills.  Learning how to learn, asking good questions, finding answers rather than knowing answers are all part of what we hope every student will learn.  Education should not just be about dispensing content.  Education is empowering learners to think critically and creatively. 


    Please join me in celebrating this year’s Science and Engineering Festival winners:

    8th Grade

    Life Sciences

    3rd Place/Runner up-Hailey Anderson and Sarah Hansen, Mischievous Microwaves; the Effect of Microwave Radiation on Plant Growth 

    2nd Place-Natalia Fulga and Samantha Hickok, Fertilizer Frenzy; The Effect of Different Types of Fertilizer on Plant Growth

    1st Place-Hazel Gerwe and Kayleigh Merrick, The Effect of Changing Diet on the Growth and Color of Redworms


    Physical Sciences

    2nd Place-Marcella Jones, Firewood Frenzy; the Effect of Different Tarp Color and Location on the Moisture of Wood

    1st Place-Kurt Beckman and Lucas Vincenot, The Relationship Between Beverage Type on Electrolyte Content


    Best of Show Life Science-Bea Rexach and Jojo Weisbach, Wake Up and Smell the Colors; A Comparative Study of The Effect of Sight on Perceived Scent

    Best of Show Physical Sciences-Colin Kirley, The Effect of Different Materials on a Fog-Catching Device

    Best of Show Overall-Alec Reiss and Mathias Bonnet, I Smell a Fire! The Effect on Smoke When Filtered by Different Materials


    7th Grade

    Life Sciences

    2nd Place-Shannon Northcott-Comer and Liz Ramsay, The Rules of the Road, STOP!!!  The Relationship Between Stop Sign Variation and Amount of Cars Stopping at a Rural Intersection. 

    1st Place-Clare McNamara, Pretty Flowers in the Garden; Which Fertilizer Works the Best? 


    Physical Sciences

    3rd Place-Kaelie Arnold and Avery Mills, Will It Burn?  The Relationship Between Different Local Plant Species and the Temperature of Their Fire

    Runner up-Alexis Korb, Rain-Walker; An Engineering Project That Tests the Efficiency of an Umbrella Made for a Walker  

    2nd Place-Jake Pucci and Liam Young, Sodas; How Much CO2 Gas Can Be Produced by Your Favorite Carbonated Beverages?

    1st Place-Nigella Pharand, Taming Tsunamis; The Effect of Engineered Protective Wall Shape on the Amount Tsunami Damage  


    Best of Show, Life Sciences-Isaac Tamayo-Sarver, ArmSure Of Temperature: The Effect of Temperature on an Arm’s Speed and Endurance   

    Best of Show, Physical Sciences-Theo Fowler and Peter Bowen, The Fast Gelling Comb: The Effect of Engineered Comb Modifications on Speed of Doing Hair in the Morning!  

    Best of Show Overall-Joshua Mordaunt, Quality or Frivolity; The Effect of Different Temperatures Over Time on Plum Biochemistry


    6th Grade

    Life Sciences

    2nd Place-Claire Galbo, Stop That Stink: The Effect of Different Smell Removers on Skunk Spray

    1st Place-Avery Werdebaugh and Louis Eldridge, Weepy Onions; The Effect of Onion Cutting Techniques on Tear Production 


    Physical Sciences

    3rd Place/Runner up-Genevieve Suorsa, Fahrenheit 451: The Effect of the Kind of Wood to How Much Ash is Produced

    2nd Place-Luke Leonhart and Michael Vick, Household Chemicals VS Polyester: The Effect of Various Household Chemicals on the Strength of Polyester String  

    1st Place-Hayden Santos and Boxer Kopcsak-Yeung,” Will it Slide?” The Effect of Transplanting on Erosion


    Best of Show, Life Sciences-Andrew Fichthorn and Parsa Nolan, Flute’n Glute’n? The Relationship Between Flour Type and Gluten Levels.             

    Best of Show, Physical Sciences-Myles Silva and Braxton Jorgensen-Cabral, Safety and Danger Zone: The Effect of Surface Composition on Structural Stability During an Earthquake

    Best of Show Overall-Sierra Fong, What are You Taking Home Today? The Relationship Between Grocery Store Conveyor Belts and Food Contaminants




    Corey Kidwell



    LPEF News

    The KEEP Campaign is just around the corner.  This final leg of the annual fundraising effort is critical to the planning efforts for the 2018-19 school year.  LPEF wants to reflect parent interest as we establish the funding tiers for next year’s programs and services.  In order to ensure we’re focused on the most important funding goals, please share your opinion using this survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BSBCP6N

    The survey link will be open until Feb. 16


    Project Cornerstone Mid-Year Update:

    As you know, Loma Prieta Elementary is extremely fortunate to have a core of caring volunteer parents and adults that bring the Project Cornerstone books and lessons into our classrooms every month.


    Project Cornerstone is focused on building a community where all adults support children and teenagers so that they thrive.  Project Cornerstone works with more than 400 local schools and community partners to influence the personal behavior of adults toward children and teens, strengthen youth-serving programs and impact public policy.


    So far this year; in grades 1-5 at Loma Prieta, volunteer parents/adults have read:

    Book 1: Friends to the End - Building Friendship Skills and Creating A Respectful School Climate

    Book 2: Giraffes Can’t Dance - No Matter How Fearful, Get Out There and Do Your Thing

    Book 3: Big - Imagining All the Great Things We Can Do/Become

    Book 4: When Sophie Gets Angry -  Anger Management /Rechanneling Energy Techniques

    Book 5: Ruby Bridges or Through My Eyes – Learning to Walk a Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes and Intentional Caring


    We always have room for caring parents/guardians/adults who want to be involved and continue to make a difference in our children’s lives.  Please contact Ed Dee (ed@eddee.net) or Erin Ashegian (erin.asheghian@gmail.com) for more information.


    Loma’s Upcoming Events

    2/9                   SoW assembly (8:30a) / CT Play 7p

    2/10-2/11         CT Play

    2/14                 Valentine’s Day / School Board meeting 7p

    2/16                 Sow assembly (8:30a) / Zombie Day

    2/19-2/23         Winter Break – NO SCHOOL

    2/28                 School Board Budget Study Session