• April 4, 2018


    Dear Loma and CT Families:


    Happy Spring Break

    Wow, we are here already!  For those of you traveling next week, be safe and travel well!  To all of you, wherever next week leads you, please remember that time is our most precious resource. Memories created with you kids and family will last a lifetime.  You don’t need to go far to share a laugh, an adventure, or a simple joy.  Happy Spring Break!


    Spring Concert

    A year ago, we got the first glimpse of what a music program could add to our schools.  Thursday night we will have our first annual (at least in a very, very long time) Spring Concert featuring our K-8 students.  The show will be an amazing showcase of talent, creativity, not to mention hard work and perseverance.  Please join us Thursday at 7:00 pm in the gym for this wonderful event. 


    Our performers will need to arrive NO LATER than 6:50 pm and be seated with their classes before the show. Parking will be at a premium so arrive early!  Thank you to our kids and teachers, and especially to our amazing Music teacher Casey Lelake, for bringing this event to life.  Thank you to our KEEP donors for the extra funding last year that saved our fledgling music program and allowed all students to benefit from music in our schools.


    Superintendent Search Survey

    The search for a new Superintendent will be stronger with your input.  Please plan to take the survey available here: Superintendent Search Input Survey


    The survey will be available for input through noon on April 13th.  We appreciate your time and perspective. All the input given from parent, community and staff focus groups, and interviews will be offered to the Board in a systematic manner.  This will be used to create a leadership profile and ultimately guide the Board in their selection. The leadership profile will be presented to the Board at the meeting of April 18, 2018.  We know our parents and broader community stakeholders care deeply about our schools and our future.  Please join us in helping shape the next era of excellence in Loma Prieta.


    An important Message to CT Parents and Guardians:

    After recent events related to the March 14th walk-out, Board President Deana Arnold, Teacher David Kissner, and I released a joint statement which read in part:


    “…We collectively agreed that these events challenged us as we navigated uncharted territory, and we must do better.”


    “…We commit to you that CT English will continue to be a safe, effective and productive school environment for our students.  We know we have work to do, and we are looking forward to getting underway.”


    In addition to engaging an independent evaluator, we have been working to update our handbook in several areas of common misconception and to deal with circumstances we have not previously encountered as we continue to strengthen our consistent response to future challenges. The handbook amendments are attached.


    April 20th is coming.  Please know that Mr. Kissner and I are working together, along with all our CT colleagues, to make sure our school is a model of neutrality during challenging times of political debate.


    • Our first responsibility is to student safety.
    • We support students’ rights to free speech and parents’ rights to decide on the ways their children participate in a variety of types of civic engagement.
    • As a district, our stance is neutral on any political issue.
    • We plan to have a regular bell schedule and full day of regular instruction on April 20th.
    • All teachers are in agreement that neither academic encouragement nor artificially-constructed punishment for students’ free speech activities will occur.
    • Any behavior issues will be dealt with by the administration.


    My sincere hope is that April 20th will be a quiet day at CT English Middle School.  There is another nationwide walkout scheduled for that day. This walk out is sometimes being called the National High School Walkout or the National School Walkout.  Organizers are calling for students to walk out at 10:00 am and not return for the remainder of the school day.  I believe it is critically important for young people to be in conversation on these topics with their parents.  We certainly respect the right of each family to decide what is right for your children. 


    As a school district, we cannot promote or endorse civil disobedience.  We do expect students to attend classes as scheduled and all standard rules apply every day. We are not sponsoring or organizing any activities related to the April 20th event.  It is our job to maintain a safe and effective learning environment for all students each day.  We plan to teach and hope your kids will be in class.  If you decide to pick up your student to facilitate participation in an event off campus, that is of course always your right.


    For April 20th, we ask for your help to encourage your kids to stay in class and on campus.  We hope that you will talk to your children and encourage them to stay on campus and with their teachers if you send them to school that day.  Students, of course, have a right to free speech. Students do not have the right to disrupt the learning of others.  Students that choose to walk out will be considered “unexcused” and dealt with as a “class cut”.  Missed assignments cannot be made-up.


    As a school district, we have a responsibility to provide safety and supervision for all students on campus at all times.  To that end, here at CT, there is no place to walk safely off campus and no way to provide a safe space for 5 hours.  I will need to contact parents of students who choose to leave class so students can be picked up.  We will work to find parents before asking others on the emergency form to ensure safe pick-up from school.  Saturday school will be assigned for students who cut class on April 20th.  The next available dates for Saturday school are 4/21 and 4/28 from 9 am – 12 pm.


    Teachers are being directed to conduct class in accordance with their content standards.  There will be no academic encouragement or artificially-constructed punishments for participation in any political activity. Behavioral consequences are the responsibility of the administration and will be managed accordingly in alignment with our most recent handbook update, which is attached.


    Enjoy Spring Break!


    Corey Kidwell



    Track and Field Coaches Needed:


    Track and Field at C.T. English will start on Monday, April 16th at 3:00 p.m. Sign-ups are happening in the C.T. office this week.

    There will be a meeting in Room 9 at lunch on Thursday, April 5th for all athletes interested in being on the team. We are still looking for coaches to complete our coaching staff. If you have any interest in helping coach hurdles, throws, or relays, please email Nancy Lanovaz at n.lanovaz@loma.k12.ca.us


    Loma Home and School Club Events


    Spa Day (4/27/18): What better way to let our Loma/CT teachers and district employees know how much we appreciate them? We are looking for volunteers and donations for Spa Day.

    Please sign up at http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e044ba8a72ca0f94-lomact1 to volunteer or contact Eleanna Kim at eleannakim@yahoo.com for basket donations.


    Family Science Day (4/28/18): This event is fast approaching. Among other guest, our 5th graders will showcase the exhibits they have been working this trimester. If you’d like to participate 

    with an exhibit as a community member or would like to do something with your younger son/daughter as a team please contact Ricardo Moran at r.moran5@me.com for more details.


    Los Gatos Great Race (4/29/18): The Los Gatos Rotary Club will donate 20% of each Loma registration to the Loma Prieta Home and School Club.

    Please login to www.lggreatrace.com if you’d like to participate and don’t forget to use our code: Loma. See attachment for more details.


    Wild Times @ CT English MS

    Early Release EVERY Wednesday @ 1:30 pm

    Upcoming Events

    4/05/18 Music Program-CT/Loma Band 7pm Gym

    4/6/18 CT Quarter 3 report card hand carried home by students

    4/9/19 through 4/13/18 NO SCHOOL Spring Break!

    4/18/18 CT HSC Meeting 8:30 in office portable

    4/20/18 CT Spring Dance

    4/27/18 Teacher Spa Day in the Loma Forum 3-5pm

    4/28/18 & 4/29/18 SIP 4 our School @ LP Winery sponsored by LPEF