• September 26, 2018


    Dear Loma Families,


    As I have been reintroducing myself as the principal to students over the past month, I have often started by asking: “What is the job of the principal?” While some have suggested it involves a lot of paperwork (true!) many have immediately responded, “To keep us safe!”  I completely agree!  My number one priority is to make sure that kids are safe at school.    


    This week students will be partaking in two important safety drills.  Today, we had our first fire drill of the year at both schools. Students practiced lining up and walking in a calm manner to their designated evacuation locations. Our teachers took roll to ensure each student was accounted for. The facilities staff conducted a sweep of the schools to check that everyone had been evacuated, just as they would in the event of a real fire.  I am happy to report that our students did a stellar job!


    At Loma, students will also participate in a bus evacuation drill.  Since all students will ride the bus at some point, it is important that they know the rules of the bus, including how to safely exit the bus in the event of an emergency.  Our tradition at Loma is to do this drill with buddy classes. It is very sweet to watch the big buddies helping their little buddies jump off the bus! 


    Bus drill           bus drill        bus drill


    As the year progresses, our schools will take part in other important drills to practice how to be safe in an emergency.  While we can never know exactly what to expect with regard to emergencies, we do know that being prepared is critical to ensuring the safety of our students.


    Top Three Moments of the Week

    1.Watching Ms. Van Zante’s 3rdgraders help their little buddies from Ms. Templeton’s class carefully jump off the bus.

    2.Walking through the forum as the Theater in the Mountain kids practice for their play, “Beauty and the Beast.”  I cannot wait to see the show!

    3.Attending Mr. Arias’ 8thgrade US History class. So interesting and engaging—I’m tempted to enroll in his class!


    Bus Drivers Wanted

    Are you interested in a fun and rewarding part time job?  Please consider joining our AWESOME Transportation Team!!  We are looking for qualified people to fill in as substitute drivers. Training will be provided for DMV and CHP licensing.  Contact Patty Smrt if you are interested.  p.smrt@loma.k12.ca.us


    Garden Helpers

    Meeting 10/1 at 8:30am by the garden shed.


    Parent Education Oppportunity

    Thursday, Nov 1st from 6:30-8:30pm in the Temporary Community Center: Building Developmental Assets in School Communities. Interested in helping us create a district and community where all youth succeed and thrive? Plan on joining us for this upcoming community event wherein Clay Roberts, a renowned keynote speaker on the topic of youth asset development, will help us being to create a plan for institutionalizing the Development Assets framework within the Loma Prieta School Community.


    Loma’s Upcoming Events

    9/28               SoW and Citizen of the Month assembly 8:30a / Crazy Hair Day

    10/6               Gala at Maison du Lac 4-11p

    10/8-10/12     5th graders Field Trip to Pigeon Point

    10/12             SoW assembly 8:30a


    Paul’s Construction Corner

    Our reconstruction project is continuously moving forward. Wing A’s roof frame is now 95% complete and expected to be finished by 9/27. The rough in plumbing and electrical is expected to be finished by 9/28 in Wing A.


    The mechanical contractor has arrived on site and started the layout for the HVAC units that will be placed on the roof of Wing A. Wing B’s interior walls are getting framed up and will be completed on 9/26. Once the walls and sheer plywood as ben completed the roof frame will begin and is scheduled to start 10/4. While most of this work that is being performed is visible from the parking lot, there is a group of people working tirelessly on quality control, scheduling logistic, inspections of work and the materials getting installed and the safety of students, parents and staff. We have had no lost day’s due to adverse weather and now are currently 152 days into construction and have had zero injuries on this project.


    LPEF Gala

    Gala tickets are going fast! and is just over a week away, taking place October 6that Maison du Lac. Get our Gala tickets now before we sell out. You can order by visiting, http://www.lpef.org/

    This year’s Gala theme is “Moonlight Masquerade – Unmask the Future”. We look forward to seeing you there!


    It’s Back….The Parking Spot Raffle

    How much easier would a guaranteed parking spot make drop off and pick up? You can drop the attached, completed form in the Gala Box in the CT/Loma offices. As we get closer to the Gala, we will also sell tickets at dismissal. One ticket for $20 and 10 tickets for $100, good luck!


    Able to Help on Gala Weekend?

    We are still in need of volunteers to help on Gala weekend, setup, night of and tear down/cleanup. If you are able to help, please reach out to Jill Cole, jcole@cbnorcal.com


    Loma HCS News

    Yearbook News! I know it feels like Yearbook time is ages away but ordering early has its PERKS! Order our yearbooks by September 30thfor 15% OFF! To order, go to http://www.treering.comPasscode: 101404916313901. The regular price is $25.48 and comes with a 2-page custom spread to edit for your child/ren with fun memories and photos! Download the TreeRing app too for easy photo uploading! Also, if you’d like to be a part of the amazing Yearbook Team or have any questions, please reach out to Lauren Ardigo at laurendardigo@yahoo.com.