• First Grade Schedule* 

    8:20-8:30         Morning Routine: Unpack, Silent Reading or Math Manipulative Exploration, Attendance

    8:30-8:40         Pledge, Patriotic Song, Morning Meeting/Calendar Math, Transitional Movement

    8:40-9:30        Math Workshop (EngageNY Curriculum) Music T 8:50-9:20, Science M 9:00-9:45, PE WF 9:00-9:30, Library Th 8:30-9:30, 

    9:45-10:00       Snacktime in Classroom (watch Book Read Alouds from RAZkids)

    10:00-10:15     RECESS

    10:15-11:00     Writing Workshop (Lucy Calkins Curriculum), Health & Nutrition every other Monday 10:30-11:00

    11:00-11:30     Finish Math Problem Sets and "Green Sheets"

    11:35-11:50     Lunch at Desk/Read Aloud by teacher from chaper book

    11:50-12:25     RECESS

    12:25-1:15       Reading Workshop (Lucy Calkins Curriculum)/Language Arts or Art in Action 1x per month.

    1:15-1:30         RECESS

    1:30-2:00         Monday-Student of the Week, Science/Social Studies

    2:00-2:25         Flex Time (finish work, choice, assessment)

    2:25-2:30         End of Day Reflection (plusses and deltas) 

    2:30-2:40        Pack Up/Clean Up

    2:45                 Dismissal- First Grade Friends will be escorted to Parent Pick Up, Kids 'n Co, and the buses.

    Specials will be scheduled at a later date:  Project Cornerstone

    * This schedule will DEFINITELY change and will be updated as it evolves.  Updated 10/6/2017