• February 6, 2019


    Dear Loma Families,


    Fire Drill Success

    Today, we had our second fire drill of the year at both schools. Students practiced lining up and walking in a calm and quiet manner to their designated evacuation locations. Our teachers took roll to ensure each student was accounted for. The facilities staff conducted a sweep of the schools to check that everyone had been evacuated, just as they would in the event of a real fire. I am happy to report that our students did a awesome job!


    My Top Three Moments of the Week (SNOW!!!)

    1. Having a Loma snow party! It was super exciting to find the school covered in snow on Tuesday morning. Coach Patino brought out the speaker and played winter music while we enjoyed a once in a decade experience of playing in the snow at school.
    2. Watching a 5th grader make a 3-foot tall snowball on the Loma field, and later seeing 3rd graders balance on top of it.
    3. Overhearing an 8th grader tell her mom with uncharacteristic enthusiasm, “We got to play in the snow today at school!”

    snow1 snow2 snow3


    Karren Zook, Principal


    Paul’s Construction Corner

    Our reconstruction project is continuously moving forward. It was a big day for the kitchen yesterday.  The last of the equipment was delivered and will get installed today, 2/16. There are some finishing touches left, but most of the kitchen is complete. The restrooms are completed and ready for use. The second concrete pour was placed in between rain storms and was successfully completed.  The third pour was pushed back until today due to rain and snow; the contractor was able to move to another section in order not to lose any time. Once the portables have been removed the concrete contractor will finish the remaining site concrete. The tac board, ceiling tiles, and carpets have been completely installed; the tile flooring will be completed 2/7. As of right now the buildings are 90% complete. We have scheduled a punch list walk for 2/12. During this walk, the contractors, project managers, inspectors, architect, and I, will be looking for any details that are not finished. The contractors must complete the punch list before they get their final payment. We are currently right on schedule to gain temporary occupancy on 2/18 for the art and music rooms. The portables in the parking lot have been scheduled to be removed 2/22. After the portables are removed Phase 3 of the project can begin, which is to create the new parking area and bus drop off route. This work will greatly impact traffic for both C.T. English and Loma Prieta due to having to close off a portion of the parking lot. Here is the link to a map of the construction fence and how it will impact traffic during pick up and drop off of students. It would be best to find an alternative way to get your students to school starting on 2/25 to 3/18. Having students take the school bus, use or park on the North side of Summit Road, or use the pedestrian bridge would be the preferred methods. The district and contractors appreciate your patience as we try to move quickly as possible through this portion of the project. We are now currently 279 days into construction and have had zero injuries during this project and no lost day’s due to adverse weather.


    Open Enrollment: Los Gatos – Saratoga Union High School District

    Each year, the Los Gatos – Saratoga Union High School District seeks to provide enrollment options for students who live within our attendance area, specifically through our open enrollment process. Open enrollment allows a student who resides within the attendance area of one of our district high schools the opportunity to apply for a transfer to the other high school.

    You are receiving this email because you and your student reside within the Los Gatos High School attendance area and may be considering applying for an intra-district transfer to Saratoga High School through our open enrollment process.

    Registration at your home school is required prior to completing the transfer request. Please contact the school registrar at your home school, Terri Dewing at 408-354-2730, x-231, to enroll your student online, providing proof of residency and to learn about special events and parent nights relevant to your student.

    Should you be interested, please review the attached information outlining the process and note the following:

    • Applications are available on the LGSUHSD website or at the LGSUHSD District office at 17421 Farley Road West, Los Gatos between January 22, 2019 and February 8, 2019.
    • Completed applications must be turned in to the LGSUHSD District office at 17421 Farley Road West by February 8, 2019 (no later than 4:00 p.m.).
    • Only a limited number of spaces will be available. This number is based on enrollment and school capacity.
    • Should the number of applications exceed the space available, a random selection process will be used.
    • Students whose transfers are not approved through the random process will be placed on a waiting list.

    If, after reading the attachment, you have additional questions, please contact the Student Services Division at (408) 402-6323.


    Jane Marashian

    Superintendent’s Office



    Choice Lunch Program


    Please click on the link below to order school lunches for your CT Middle School Student.




    If you are part of our free lunch program there is no need to enroll, we have pre-enrolled your student for you.



    Wild Times @ CT English MS

    Early Release EVERY Wednesday @ 1:30 pm

    Upcoming Events

    2/8 -2/10/19 Once Upon a Mattress in the Gym

    2/14 & 2/15 CT Science Fair in the Gym-all day

    2/14 CT Family Science night in the Gym 5-7pm

    2/18-2/22/19 NO SCHOOL-February Break

    2/25-3/15/19 7th Grade Human Growth & Dev. Curriculum in science classes

    3/1/19 CT Skate Night @ Sharks Ice SJ 7-9pm

    3/22/19 8th grade Spanish 2 placement test given in class 6th period

    3/22/19 End of Quarter 3 grading period

    3/22/19 CT Movie Night-Forum 7-9pm