• February 13, 2019


    Dear Loma Families:


    Loma-Palooza this Friday!

    The Loma Palooza Talent Show is back this Friday in the Loma forum. The first act will start at 12:30pm and go to 1:30pm. The second act is from 1:50-2:30pm. There will be singing, dancing and lots of laughs. Thanks to our wonderful Mrs. Riccomini for making this an awesome event!


    The 2018-19 C.T. English Science and Engineering Festival Community Night

    On the evening of February 14th  from 5 to 7pm, we will have the Community Science Showcase of all students’ science projects displayed in the gym. Please consider coming to this wonderful event to support all students’ pursuit of science experimentation here on the mountain. Judging is a school-only event and will occur on Friday, February 15th.


    My Top Three Moments of the Week

    1. Watching Mr. H. play tricks on Coach during indoor PE at Loma. I loved hearing all the giggling kids who were in on the joke!
    2. Hearing highlights from the 4th grade field trip to the Tech Museum in San Jose.
    3. Hearing about some of the science projects that will be on display at the CT Science Fair this Thursday and Friday. I can’t wait to see them all!



    Karren Zook, Principal


    Paul’s Construction Corner

    Our reconstruction project is continuously moving forward. The walk-in refrigerator and freezer are up and running in the kitchen. The kitchen’s first environmental health inspection is scheduled for 2/15, which is one of four inspections in order to receive certification for use. The third concrete pour was completed, and the contractor is ready to remobilize for the final placement of concrete once the portables are removed 2/22. The tac board, ceiling tiles, and all floor coverings are complete. As of right now, the buildings are 95% complete. We completed the punch list today and only found a few minor things to be finished. After each weekly construction meeting we walk the site to recognize anything that would need to be corrected, as a result, this list is not long. The contractors must complete the punch list before they get their final payment.


    We are currently on schedule to gain temporary occupancy for the art and music rooms, 2/18. The portables in the parking lot have been scheduled to be removed 2/22. After the portables are removed Phase 3 of the project can begin. Phase 3 will include creating the new parking area and bus drop off route. This work will impact traffic for both C.T. English and Loma Prieta due to having to close off a portion of the parking lot. Here is the link to a map of the construction fence and how it will impact traffic during pick up and drop off of students. It would be best to find an alternative way to get your students to school starting 2/25 through 3/18. Having students take the school bus, or park on the North side of Summit Road and use the pedestrian bridge would be the preferred methods.The district and contractors appreciate your patience as we try to move as quickly as possible through this portion of the project. We are now currently 286 days into construction and have had zero injuries during this project and no lost days due to adverse weather.


    Loma’s Upcoming Events

     2/14               Valentine’s Day

    2/15                SoW assembly 8:30am / Talent Show 12:30-1:30pm, 1:45-2:30pm

    2/18-2/22       Winter Break – NO SCHOOL

    3/1                  SoW and Citizen of the Month assembly 8:30am