Supply/Wish List

  • Room 6 First Grade Supply List 2019-2020 

    Please remember, donating supplies is greatly appreciated, but never required. 

    Most Room 6 supplies will be community supplies, so please bring items UNLABELED (unless specified) 
    Bring to school 


    2 boxes Crayola crayons, sm 16
    1 box Crayola markers, fine tip, 10
    1 box Crayola markers, broad tip, 8
    1 box colored pencils, 12
    2 pks Expo dry erase markers, 4
    2 pks Ticonderoga #2 pencils, 12 (please do not substitute)
    1 box Ziplock gallon bags
    1 bottle Elmers white glue, 4 oz
    6 glue sticks
    5 pink erasers
    Girls only: 1 pack fine tipped black Sharpie pens
    Boys only: 1 pack ULTRA fine tipped black Sharpie pens
    NOTE: Large Rolling backpacks (Zuca-type) are not permitted at Loma 
    I also have a wishlist of materials to enhance our educational experience in Room 6. 
    Amazon Wishlist