• February 27, 2019


    Dear Loma and CT Families,


    Music Concert -- Save the Date!

    Save the date, March 27th, for our 2nd annual music concert! The Loma and CTE concert will feature both schools. The Big Cat Band will feature students in the advanced band, which includes CT students and 5th Graders, who have been joining those CT students. The Beginning Band will also be performing. In addition, all Loma students will perform one musical number. This is an awesome event that is not to be missed! Show starts at 6:30!


    My Top Three Moments of the Week

    1. Seeing the excitement of students and teachers as they got to have class in the new buildings (see photos).
    2. Taking pictures of siblings at Loma. It is really sweet how much siblings love each other--when their parents aren’t looking!
    3. Listening to a very interesting and engaging “number talk” in Mrs. Dorn’s class. What a sweet group of learners!

     music room in front of buiding keys to room



    Karren Zook, Principal

    Loma Prieta Joint Union School District

    23800 Summit Road

    Los Gatos, CA  95033

    08/353-1106 – p                           

    408/353-3274 - f


    Paul’s Construction Corner

    Our reconstruction project is continuously moving forward. Over the February recess, we were successful in obtaining temporary occupancy for the new wings. Students are now able to use the new music and art rooms, and restrooms. We were also able to move into the new facilities offices. The portables were removed Saturday the 23rd so that Phase 3 could begin.


    The contractors have remobilized for this last portion of construction which is to create the new parking area and bus drop-off route. This work will greatly impact traffic for both C.T. English and Loma Prieta due to having to close off a portion of the parking lot. Here is the link to a map of the area and how it will impact traffic during student pick up and drop off. It would be best to find an alternative way to get your students to school through March 18th. Having students take the school bus, or park on the North side of Summit Roadr and use the pedestrian bridge would be the preferred methods. The district and contractors appreciate your patience as we try to move as quickly as possible through this portion of the project. We are now currently 298 days into construction and have had zero injuries during this project.


    While we have been working on the reconstruction project of the kitchen and classrooms, the district has been working on other projects. I am excited to say that on February 13th, the School Board approved the contractor to do the asbestos remediation and demolition of the old IHS and day care buildings on the North Campus. This project is the first of many projects that you will see completed with your Measure R bond funds. The asbestos removal is scheduled to begin on March 18th and will be completed by April 4th


    Thank you,


    Paul Harville

    Director of Facilities

    23800 Summit Road

    Los Gatos CA, 95033



    2019 KEEP Campaign.

    The LPEF KEEP (Keep Excellent Education Programs) campaign has kicked off and your donations will help maintain essential programs for our children. 

      Music: Support for our K-8 music program

      PE: PE program at Loma

      STEM: Support for technology integration/STEM enrichment

      Electives: Preservation of middle school electives and elementary enrichment programs

      Science: Direct support for specialized elementary science instruction

      Library: Library support services at both CTE and Loma

      Support Services: K-8 school counseling and other student support 

    Without KEEP donations from our families these programs will not exist. 

    Any size donation is incredibly important to ensuring our children continue to have access to these amazing programs. 

    Donate today at: https://www.lpef.org/donate-now

    Thank you for your ongoing support!


    CTE HSC Upcoming Events
    Fun Night off the Mountain sponsored by CTE HSC is this Friday Night.  Skate Night will be held at Solar4America (1500 South Tenth St. San Jose) from 7:30-9:30PM.  Students should arrive by 7:15PM to check in and get their skates.  Pick up will be at or before 9:30PM.  This activity is free for students with an All Access Pass and $15 for all others.  Price includes skating admission and skate rental.  There will be a table set up at the main entrance off 10th Street and students must check in there.  

    Sign up sheets will be available in the CTE office until Thursday of this week  for students to indicate their interest in attending.

    We have reserved the warm room between Center and South Rink for kids to take a break and warm up.  Refreshments will be provided for students.  Parents are free to sit in the warm room and watch or take advantage of Stanley’s Bar/Restaurant upstairs.

    Parent volunteers are needed.  Thanks to the parents who have signed up to help on ice, we still need volunteers to help in the warm room and to help with check in.  Please sign up at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080f4caea72aa4f85-cteskate

    Long pants and socks are a must.   Unlike other fun nights, students can have their cell phones since they are off site and may need to contact their parents (although electronic devices are not permitted on the ice).  

    Parents please note that, since this is an off-campus event, we will not be able to monitor the students’ behavior at all times.  Please discuss with your children the importance of behaving responsibly.  School rules do still apply and if these rules are broken, the behaviors will be dealt with accordingly.


    Choice Lunch Program


    Please click on the link below to order school lunches for your CT Middle School Student.




    If you are part of our free lunch program there is no need to enroll, we have pre-enrolled your student for you.


    Wild Times @ CT English MS

    Early Release EVERY Wednesday @ 1:30 pm

    Upcoming Events

    2/25-3/15/19 7th Grade Human Growth & Dev. Curriculum in science classes

    3/1/19 CT Skate Night @ Sharks Ice SJ 7-9pm

    3/11/19 Saint Baldrick’s Day Event @ lunch- support a “shave”

    3/22/19 8th grade Spanish 2 placement test given in class 6th period

    3/22/19 End of Quarter 3 grading period

    3/22/19 CT Movie Night-Postponed

    3/26/19 8th grade DC meeting Loma Forum 7pm-8pm Mandatory

    3/27/19 2nd Annual Music Concert in the Gym 6:30pm