• March 13, 2019


    Dear Loma and CT Families,


    CT Reminder: Contacting Your Child While at School

    We have had a noticeable increase in the number of parents contacting their children during the school day. While we know plans change, we ask that families set up afterschool arrangements with their children before school. Each student call during the school day represents a disruption to class instruction and student learning. We appreciate your help and cooperation. Thanks!


    Project Cornerstone’s Book of the Month

    This month’s ABC reader book is The Empty Pot, by Demi. This Chinese traditional tale is about a boy named Ping who lived a long time ago in China. What happens in the story teaches children the value of courage, honesty, integrity, responsibility, and perseverance (CHIRP). These tools will empower students to value being true to themselves even when it is not easy.


    This book illustrates the importance of attitude and behavior in building character. Students will understand that the end result isn’t as important as trying your best and to trust in yourself and listen to your own judgment to make a good decision. Honesty makes trust bloom. In the discussions and lesson, these developmental assets and character traits were defined as:


    1. Courage-Acknowledge your accomplishments, even if they fall short of the goal.
    2. Honesty-Telling the truth even when it’s not easy.
    3. Integrity-Having a personal moral code and sticking to it no matter what. Doing the right thing and feeling good about it.
    4. Responsibility-Taking ownership for your own behavior.
    5. Perseverance-Working hard at a task until the end.


    There are several ways you can extend this lesson at home:

    • Create a family circle of trust where all members feel safe.
    • Notice, name and celebrate when:
      • You or your child say or do something as an UPstander.
      • Tell the truth when it is hard to do so.
      • Point out when you or your child accomplish a goal.
      • Celebrate small and large accomplishments especially when you try your best.
    • Look for examples of family, friends, and neighbors who model positive values.
    • Make a family list of what you say and do to promote your family’s positive values.

    Keep your expectations realistic and allow for mistakes. Making and then learning from mistakes enables your child to understand how to live life with integrity and honesty. Your children watch everything you do and say—it’s how they learn to behave. You are the most important role model (asset #14) in your child’s life! Your own behavior is, as always, the best teaching tool.


    My Top Three Moments of the Week

    1. Feeling inspired by the St. Baldrick’s Day event, where a group of teachers and students “braved the shave” to raise over 21k in contributions to fight childhood cancer.
    2. Watching Loma kids enjoy a sunny recess after so many days of rain!
    3. Listening to the sweet voices of 1st and 2nd graders practicing for the Sleeping Beauty play.


    Music Concert -- Save the Date!

    Save the date, March 27th, for our 2nd annual music concert! The Loma and CTE concert will feature both schools. The Big Cat Band will feature students in the advanced band, which includes CT students and 5th Graders, who have been joining those CT students. The Beginning Band will also be performing. In addition, all Loma students will perform one musical number. This is an awesome event that is not to be missed! Show starts at 6:30!



    Karren Zook, Principal

    Loma Prieta Joint Union School District

    23800 Summit Road

    Los Gatos, CA  95033

    08/353-1106 – p                           

    408/353-3274 – f


    Paul’s Construction Corner

    Our reconstruction project is continuously moving forward. The Environmental Heath permit has been issued for the use of the kitchen, although there are a few small tasks that need to be completed before the kitchen can be used. By the end of April, the tasks will be completed.


    The concrete contractor has begun to create the new parking area and bus drop off route. It is scheduled to get placed March 15th. Once the concrete is placed, the asphalt will get paved and the last of the exterior light poles will get erected.


    This work will impact traffic for both C.T. English and Loma Prieta due to the need to close off a portion of the parking lot. Here is the link to a map of the construction fence and how it will impact traffic during pick up and drop off of students. It would be best to find an alternative way to get your students to school through March 20th. Having students take the school bus, or park on the North side of Summit Road and/or use the pedestrian bridge would be the preferred methods. The construction fence in the parking lot is scheduled to be taken down March 20th before the ribbon cutting takes place. We hope to see you there.


    The last portable building is scheduled to be removed during the spring recess, April 8th through April 12th. The district and contractors appreciate your patience as we try to move quickly as possible through this portion of the project. We are now currently 312 days into construction and have had zero injuries during this project.


    While we have been working on the reconstruction project of the kitchen and classrooms, the district has been working on other projects and I am excited to say that on February 13th, the School Board approved the contractor to do the asbestos remediation and demolition of the old IHS and day care buildings on the North Campus. This project is the first of many projects that you will see completed in accordance with the 10-year Facilities Master Plan. The asbestos removal is to begin on April 1st and the buildings will be completely removed by April 22nd.  


    Paul Harville

    Director of Facilities


    Save the Date - Wednesday, March 20th, Coffee Talk with Superintendent Fraser

    Next Wednesday, March 20th please join us at 8:30am in the new building’s flexible classroom #21 for a Coffee Talk with Superintendent Fraser: Dispelling the Myths of School Funding. 

    We will be discussing how our schools are funded, where the funding goes and how private funding works to support programs at Loma Prieta Joint Union School District, followed by a direct Q&A session with Superintendent Fraser. This conversation is sponsored by LPEF and coffee and refreshments will be provided. 

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    LPEF donations fund the following programs: 

    • Music: Support for our K-8 music program
    • PE: PE program at Loma
    • STEM: Support for technology integration/STEM enrichment
    • Electives: Preservation of middle school electives and elementary enrichment programs
    • Science: Direct support for specialized elementary science instruction
    • Library: Library support services at both CTE and Loma
    • Support Services: K-8 school counseling and other student support 

    You can donate at: https://www.lpef.org/donate-now

    Thank you for your ongoing support!


    2019 KEEP Campaign

    The LPEF KEEP (Keep Excellent Education Programs) campaign has kicked off. This year marks LPEF's 18th year of fundraising to support the Loma Prieta Joint Union School District. 

    As has always been the case, C.T. English Middle School and Loma Prieta Elementary benefit greatly from this campaign. 

    KEEP! Donations fund the following programs: 

      Music: Support for our K-8 music program

      PE: PE program at Loma

      STEM: Support for technology integration/STEM enrichment

      Electives: Preservation of middle school electives and elementary enrichment programs

      Science: Direct support for specialized elementary science instruction

      Library: Library support services at both CTE and Loma

      Support Services: K-8 school counseling and other student support 

    Any size donation is greatly appreciated and incredibly important to ensuring our children have access to these amazing programs. 

    Donate today at: https://www.lpef.org/donate-now

    Thank you for your ongoing support!


    CT HSC

    Calling All CT Students!!

    The Home and School Club is ordering CT Spiritwear on March 19th! Get your orders in by Monday, March 18th to be sure to have yours in April! Incoming 6th graders, you will receive your orders when you come to CT for your tour of CT! Be sure to get ready for middle school with a cool CT sweatshirt, t-shirt or V-neck. Order forms are here in the Wednesday news or in the CT office. Bring them in by the due date so you don’t miss out on this opportunity! For questions email CT HSC at ctehsc@gmail.com


    Wild Times @ CT English MS

    Early Release EVERY Wednesday @ 1:30 pm

    Upcoming Events

    3/20/19 New Building Grand Opening 4pm

    3/22/19 8th grade Spanish 2 placement test given in class 6th period

    3/22/19 End of Quarter 3 grading period

    3/26/19 8th grade DC meeting Loma Forum 7pm-8pm Mandatory

    3/27/19 2nd Annual Music Concert in the Gym 6:30pm

    4/1/19 through 4/4/5/19 CT Seventh Graders in Yosemite

    4/8/19-4/12/19 Spring Break-NO SCHOOL

    4/7/19 8th graders leave for Washington DC

    4/11/19 8th graders return from Washington DC