Troubleshooting Errors When Submitting Online Registration Forms

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    Why can't I submit my forms with a single phone number?


     The District requires that parent/guardians indicate the following Emergency Contact Information:

    image of Registration fields for phone numbers

    • all custodial parents/guardians (please prioritize as top priority - 1 & 2)
    • at least four additional Emergency Contacts - one phone number is required


    The District's Online Registration System:


    • requires at least ONE phone number for each Contact to be listed 
    • requires that a different number be entered for each type of phone number listed for a contact (home, mobile, work &/or daytiime)
    • will not allow duplication of a phone number for any single contact

    **An error will occur when a phone number is deleted unless the details for that phone number are also deleted. Please remove all information (Type, Preferred & SMS) for a phone number listing before proceeding to the next form.

    image of phone fields











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    How do I replace a Contact?

    The system requires that you first use the Remove button to remove the old Contact before creating a new contact.  Once the old Contact has been removed, add another Contact at the bottom of your list of Contacts.  On the Priority Form that follows the Contacts Form, you will be able to prioritize the contacts in the order you want them contacted in case of an emergency.

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    What do I do if I receive an email for a student that is not my child?

    Please immediately forward any email received directly to Eileen Bevans-Franks or Julie Bourque so they can redirect the communication.

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    I've checked all the required fields and I still can't submit the form.  What do I do now?

    If you have read the FAQs and still need assistance please use the contact information below to request support.

    Questions can be emailed to Eileen Bevans-Franks or Julie Bourque    

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