• *Click here to take an AR test!*  Trouble logging in?  Read the steps below or email me :-)

      To Take an AR Test:

      1. Go to CT's website

      2. Select Programs at the top of the page

      3. Select Library

      4. Select Accelerated Reader

      5. I'm a student

      6. User name: first initial and spell out last name (for example, I would type: mdudley)

      7. Password: your initials (first letter of your first and last name)

                - I would type:  md

      *The program keeps track of your points, and I can see them as well. Happy reading!!!  :)


      Accelerated Reader

    1) You will be assigned an individualized AR goal.

    2) You will choose your own AR books.  Please reach out if you are not able to access electronic or hardcopy books; I can help!

    3) You will take AR tests at school or at home.  There is no monitor password, and you may take as many tests as you like.  

    5) You must complete your AR tests and meet your fall AR goal by Wednesday, December 15 and spring goal by Wednesday, May 11. 

    6) 10% of your final grade in Language Arts each semester is based on meeting your AR goals.  

     *If you want to read a book that does not have an AR test, contact me!  There are ways to earn points for non-AR books.  To get a non-AR book approved for AR credit, you must get the book approved on or by November 20.  (You will still have until Dec. 15 to finish working on the book, but pre-approval is required to avoid last-minute scrambles!)

     *If you take an AR test and do not pass, contact me! There are opportunities for re-tests or partial credit!

    Fall Accelerated Reader point goals are due Wednesday, December 15, 2021.
    Spring Accelerated Reader point goals are due Wednesday, May 11, 2022.
     How Accelerated Reader Scores Are Calculated for PowerSchool:
    AR and PowerSchool are not automatically linked -- I manually caluculate information from AR and enter it into PowerSchool. 

    C.T. Accelerated Reader Program Information (click here)


     Click on the link below for a student-made video showing how to complete AR! :)