• The function of these suggested activities is to provide clarity and share experience, instruction will not be provided.


    MATH ACTIVITIES:  If you want to Play Math Games, Go to our Google Classroom


     If you want to Check-In with me 

    Create a new Google Document titled: Check-in for write your name here

    SHARE THE DOCUMENT WITH ME: m.burgess@loma.k12.ca.us

    Write about how you are feeling, what is on your mind, any concerns you may have.
    If you can, tell me which zone you are in and why (which emotion you are feeling):

    Blue Zone: Sad, Sick, Tired, Running Slow, Bored

    Green Zone: Happy, Calm, Feeling Good, Focused, Ready to Learn

    Yellow Zone: Frustrated, Worried, Silly, Excited, Losing Control

    Red Zone: Mad, Terrified, Yelling, Hitting, Out of Control