Independent Study Suggestions 

    1. Rock, Roll, and LISTEN!

    Materials needed - You will need a device to play music, a pair of dice (even though you just need one), and a partner to share your answers with. If you don't have a partner you can write your answers down or share them with a pet or stuffy. Or you can play this game via Facetime or something similar.

    Directions - Listen to a song you know.. and then try it with a piece of music you've never heard. Take turns picking out pieces of music for your partner. This is how the dice is used.

    If you roll a 1 - What was one thing you liked about this piece?

    If you roll a 2 - How would you describe the tempo (speed) of this piece?

    If you roll a 3 - How would you describe the dynamics (loud or quiet) of this piece?

    If you roll a 4 - How do you feel after listening to this piece?

    If you roll a 5 - What instruments or voices can you hear in this piece?

    If you roll a 6 - What was one thing you didn't like about this piece?


    2. Focused Listening Nature Walk 

    Materials needed - Pencil/pen, something to write on that can be used outside, superhero listening ears. 

    Directions - The purpose of this activity is to practice focused listening to make you better musicians. To do this activity you can go for a long walk, or simply go outside. It would be best if there is no constant loud background noise (leaf blowers, heavy machinery...etc...) for this activity. Be as still and as quiet as you can be for 15 seconds and use your superhero listening ears to pick out ALL of the sounds you are hearing. Do it again but this time write down the sounds that you hear on your paper. 

    Depending on the amount of time and space you have, and if you are doing this with other people who are spread out from you in different spots, you can all do this and make separate lists in separate spots and then compare your answers. For example, do you and your brother/sister come up with the same answers from the same spot? 

    3. 30 Day Song Challenge - Are you up to the challenge? 

    30 Day

    4. Interviews -  Have students interview family members about their musical backgrounds and interests. What is their favorite song right now and why? What instruments do they play? What does music mean to them? Who are their favorite artists? Students can record the responses they get and also answer the questions themselves.

    5. Instrument invention - Have students invent a new instrument. They could draw a picture of it and describe how it is played, how it’s constructed, and what it sounds like, or they could make one out of recycled materials and/or materials they find on a nature walk!

    6. Listening log: Have students write down music that they hear each day. Depending on the age, they can also record information about the songs, like the title/artist, genre (style), mood, time signature, tempo, instrumentation, etc., or they could draw a picture in response to the music.

    7. Singing log: Have students write down songs that they sing each day. They can sing along with a recording, sing by themselves, or sing with their family.

    8. Musical Scavenger Hunt: JUST ADDED - There is music all around us. Look around your home or outside and write down or take a picture of the items that match these musical elements. MAKE SURE YOU ASK FOR PERMISSION FIRST!

         Find something that...

    • Makes a HIGH pitch
    • Makes a LOW pitch
    • Makes a LOUD sound
    • Make a QUIET sound
    • Moves FAST
    • Moves SLOWLY
    • You can SHAKE to make a sound
    • You can SCRAPE or RUB to make a sound
    • You can tap that is made out of METAL
    • You can tap that is made out of WOOD 


    Links to some other cool things!

    A fun movement with music activity! Website

    • Get up and move with this cool new video from the people who brought you the boomwhacker videos! 

    Music 'Escape Room'! Website

    • Can you solve the clues to this escape room and get out? This activity reviews the notes on the staff. 

    CAN CAN - Play at home!!  - Website

    • This is from the boomwhacker people! Since most folks don't have boomwhackers at home, follow the directions on what to find to make music with everyday items!! Have fun!! Ask for permission first!!

    Alla Turka - Play at home!! - Website

    • Same as above, but a different tune. Make sure to check for permission first!! 

     Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra - Website

    •  Have fun exploring an orchestra! 

    Mood Music - Website 

    • Here you have an opportunity to listen to short excerpts of music to see how they make you feel. (This worked better for me on Safari than Chrome)

    At Home Percussion Project

    • Here is a fun activity that you can do at home with every day items. Make sure you ask your parents/guardians first! If you need an older person to help you with reading the instructions, be sure to ask for help! Have fun!

    Chrome Music Lab!  - Website

    • Enjoy a variety of web activities in the Chrome Music Lab! You can make your own song with 'Songmaker' (if you do, make sure to save what you make and send it to me, I would love to hear it!), explore rhythms, soundwaves, to a number of other resources that might interest you.

    Chrome pic


    Music At Home Bingo

    • Here is a Bingo that you can complete with some help from your family. You will need the Chrome Music Lab to complete the Bingo. (see above) If there are any other terms that you don't recognize I would suggest asking for help and searching on Google. Good luck! 

     Incredibox - Website

    • This is one that we have done in class! I have done it on my computer but it is available on apps as well, although I have not tried it. On the computer version, drag and drop the symbols onto the man to make a different rhytmic ostinato (repeating pattern). If you like, you can save your work and send it to me! Have fun! 



    Learning notes on the staff! - YouTube

    • Here is a fun video about how to read notes on the staff when there is a treble clef. Watch it, and then see if you can do THIS activity below!

    Notes on the Staff - Coloring  

    • Follow the directions for coloring the notes on the staff. If you need a refresher, watch the video above. 

    Rock, Paper, Scissors, Rhythm! 

    • Here is a game that you can play that will also review quarter notes, eighth notes, and quarter rests. Teach your family members how to play and go for it! Don't forget to write the rhythms down in the boxes and then perform them! 

    Soundtrack of My Life - Older kids ..

    • This is an activity that can get you thinking about some important life events that you have experienced thus far. Would you be able to pick a song for each event? Click on the link and read about it to see if you'd be interested in this. 

    BAND KIDS --> Please go to your Google Classroom page!! 

    • All band kids! Please continue to practice when you can. Keep checking this site for informative videos and tips.