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Quarantine Question #3 Social Distancing: Distance Formula and Finding the Area

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    1.  The city of San Francisco Department of Public Health recently posted these signs to encourage its citizenry to maintain appropriate social distancing.  

    San Francisco DEM on Twitter: "Ways to stay safe from Covid-19 ...

    Unfortunately, the creators of this sign did not pay attention in their middle school math classes!!

    a. Can you figure out how close these people are to each other?

    b. If you could fix the sign by replacing the number in the center, what number would you put there to ensure that people are atleast 6 feet apart?

    (If you are stuck, try this short video to see if it helps).


    2. Governor Cuomo recently had a conversation with Trevor Noah where he described social distancing in New York City as being unrealistic because "No one gets six square feet of real estate."

    a.  If you have your own 6 square feet of real estate extending in a circle around you, what distance would you have potentially from another person?

    b. If you were to advise Governor Cuomo on how many square feet of real estate each person needs to maintain 6 feet of social distance in all directions, what would you tell him?

    (If you are stuck, try this short video to see if it helps).


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