• Need some ideas for what to draw today? 

    Here are some prompts to get you going


    A pile of your favorite books

    Design a mask

    A time traveller

    Writing on the wall

    A unicorn

    An elf jumping on a trampoline

    A teacher as a zombie

    Design for a 3 dollar bill

    A pair of scissors running 

    Elephant on a ball

    Dragon crying

    If your cat had a super power...

    Your pet dancing

    Ms O'Dea on Vacation

    Walrus on a beach chair

    An octopus putting on makeup

    Chicken skydives

    Ahhh! Monster! 

    Draw yourself as your spirit animal

    Science project gone wrong 

    Draw your name as graffiti

    Draw your pet in outer space

    The view from up here 

    inside a tiny hole.. 

    Draw a glass cup full of ice cubes 

    The cat pounced on ...

    Draw a pile of shoes

    Draw what you see outside your bedroom window

    Draw a pile of candy

    Below the surface...

    Draw an inventory of things in your purse or bag

    Go outside and draw what you see just by your door

    A day in the life of . . .

    Draw your pet taking a space walk

    Draw your pet sleeping

    Trace your hand and then turn it into something else

    Draw a pile of shoes

    Draw something that breathes fire

    Draw what you see outside your bedroom window

    Draw a self-portrait from your reflection in a spoon

    Design a new roller coaster

    What Flies at Night?

    Draw Your Favorite Season

    Draw Your Own Galaxy

    Draw only using straight lines