• April 1, 2020


    Dear CT Families,


    Just as we were about to post the Wednesday News tonight, I received an email from Superintendent Fraser announcing that, due to COVID-19, school will not reopen this year.  Although this news should not have been a surprise, I found myself stunned.  I guess some part of me has been holding out hope that something would shift-- the “curve” would invert, a miraculous cure would be found, I would wake up and this would all have been some kind of bad dream. Unfortunately, reality has set in, and my heart is broken. A list of moments I will miss at school have started running through my head: hearing “Who Let the Dogs Out” blast six different times as our runners take off in the Jog-a-thon, playing in the 5th grade verses staff kickball game, shaking the hands of 83 8th graders at CT graduation and feeling so incredibly proud, and getting to give goodbye hugs to our kiddos as they head off to their summer adventures.  I’ve been trying to stay strong and to keep a positive attitude, but this situation is tough! It feels nearly impossible, but we’ve got this!


    I’m giving myself tonight, and maybe a bit of tomorrow, to grieve for the moments we have lost.  And then, I am going to refocus my energy on the positive. My task now, in partnership with our incredible staff, will be to rethink how we will approach our end of school year traditions. It is going to be a great challenge to find ways to connect, to celebrate, to bring closure to a year that is ending in great sadness for our community. I welcome your suggestions and collaboration, after all if the Villa car parade is any indication-- this community knows how to get creative!  Together, we will think outside of the box to create new, happy memories and to bring joy to these dismal times.


    I suppose the realization that I have come to this evening, and maybe for the first time since this all began, is the reality that this global pandemic is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. I am quite certain that tonight will not be the last time I write this newsletter through teary eyes. I don’t know what the future will bring, but I hope we can continue to lean on each other—to offer kind words, and hopeful messages, to look for rays of hope and silver linings. What I know from visiting more than two dozen ZOOM class meetings over the last several days is that there is a lot to feel positive about on this mountain. Okay, deep breath… We’ve got this!


    My Top Three Moments of the Week (at Virtual School)

    1. Seeing so many smiling faces during our ZOOM kick-off on Friday. We had great participation on our first day “back to school!”
    2. Feeling so incredibly proud of our Loma and CT teachers and staff as we move into our distance learning pilot. I am so lucky to be part of this stellar team!
    3. Hearing Ms. Bowen’s Bears sing their Bear Chant and Ms. Ray’s Rangers sing our school song at their ZOOM meetings.Our school and class communities are strong!


    Important Attachments

    At the bottom of this Newsletter you will find two very useful attachments: 

    1. Teacher Website Index with hyperlinks. A big “THANKS!” to Ruth Gantly for making and sharing this helpful document!
    2. Zoom Meeting Instructions for Parents and Students. This is a helpful cheat sheet to keep near your computer.


    Important Schedules for Distance Learning (During Phase 1 of Pilot)


    Loma’s Distance Learning Schedule



    5th Grade (Monday-Thursday)



    4th Grade (Monday-Thursday)



    3rd Grade (Monday-Thursday)



    2nd Grade (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)



    K/1 (Monday and Wednesday)



    CT's Distance Learnng Schedule









    Social Studies &



    Dudley 6th

    Hulewat 8th

    DePiazza 7th

    Kissner 7th

    Nefian 8th

    Thompson 7th

    Lanovaz 6th

    Dudley 6th

    Arias 7th

    *Grant-Richards 8th


    Hulewat 7th

    Denues 7th

    Grant-Richards 7th

    Kissner 6th


    Thompson 8th

    Kissner 8th

    Arias 8th

    Grant-Richards 7th


    Spring Break

    Don’t forget that next week is our school recess for Spring Break (April 6-10).  We will not host ZOOM meetings or post new assignments during the break. The distance learning pilot schedule will reconvene on Monday, April 13.


    School Closure Reminder

    The Loma and CT school offices are closed. The District Office is staffed. If you need to visit the District Office, please call ahead to 408-353-1101 to schedule a time. Drop-ins are discouraged in accordance with the current shelter-in-place order. 


    Stay healthy and be well,


    Karren Zook, Principal

    Loma Prieta Joint Union School District

    23800 Summit Road

    Los Gatos, CA  95033

    08/353-1106 – p                           

    408/353-3274 - f