• June 3, 2020


    Dear Loma Families,



    Congratulations to our 5th grade class of 2020! Your teachers and all the staff at Loma are so proud of each of you! We are excited to continue to watch you learn and grow at CT.  Please remember we are just across the parking lot if you ever need us or just want to stop by and say “hi!”  You will always have a place at the “best school after all!” Loma loves you! Have a great summer!


    Each year we recognize a small group of 5th grade students who have shown outstanding effort during their time at Loma Prieta Elementary School in the area of science, music and/or physical education. 


    Unfortunately, we are unable to celebrate these students with our traditional awards ceremony. Instead, we have put together a slideshow presenting each award.  Please join me in celebrating these students.


    Click on the link, then click the first thumbnail image to start the show! 

    Link: https://flipgrid.com/+lomaawards



    Congratulations to all student who met their goal! 



    These are students have DOUBLED their AR word goal for their grade level.  This is a great accomplishment!  

    June 4 – Loma Students Materials Pick up/Return

    Three lanes of the parking lot will be used.  

    Students who have: 

    Dufort, Dorn, or Krueerarrive for pick up between 9 and 10am

    Van Zante, Bowen, or Zanottoarrive for pick up between 10:30 and 11:30am


    The parking lot will close for our 8th grade graduate car parade at 11:30am. Please no late pick-ups. Thanks!


    Stay healthy and be well,

    Karren Zook, Principal



    The Track and Field contractor is preparing to mobilize. The first thing that needs to be done is TO spray the grass with an herbicide to effectively kill the grass for removal.


    McGuire and Hester plan to use an herbicide on the existing grass before removal of the turf. This is to ensure that no weeds will grow through the new grass that is installed on the field.

    The herbicide to be used is Prosecutor Herbicide, manufactured by Lesco, EPA number is 228-366-10404.


    Please contact me with any questions you may have.


    Paul Harville

    Director, Facilities and Maintenance


    408-353-1101 X5801



    2020 KEEP! Campaign

    Thank you so much to the families who have already made their KEEP donations! To date we have raised $88,400 of our $225,000 goal. Let's keep this progress going!


    KEEP! donations fund the following critical programs: 

    • Music: K-8 music program
    • PE: PE program at Loma
    • STEM: Support for Technology Integration/STEM enrichment
    • Electives: Preservation of middle school electives and elementary enrichment programs
    • Science: Direct support for specialized elementary science instruction
    • Library: Library support services at both CTE and Loma
    • Support Services: K-8 school counseling and other student support 


    Any size donation is greatly appreciated and incredibly important to ensuring our children have access to these amazing programs for the 2020 school year. Donate today at: https://www.lpef.org/donate


    Real-Time KEEP! Totals

    Did you know that you can get real-time totals for our KEEP! campaign from your phone 24/7? Just text LOMA to 243725 or CLICK HERE to get the latest total. 


    Join our online KEEP! monthly giving program

    Visit www.lpef.org/donate and choose a monthly donation amount that works for you.


    Contact your employer about matching grants 

    If your employer offers matching, contact your Human Resources department about how they process the matching grant. 


    Amazon Smile

    During shelter-in-place we are all ordering more on-line. Please consider signing up for AmazonSmile, this is an easy way to support our schools at no cost to you. Amazon gives .5% back on all eligible AmazonSmile purchases when you select LPEF as your charitable organization of choice. 



    1- Move-a-Thon DONE... JOB WELL DONE!

    2- Don't forget to Order your 2020-2021 School Supplies...  

    3- Final Message and Happy Summer!!!! 


    1- CONGRATULATIONS to the students on finishing up Move-A-Thon.... Now Turn in your Pledges! 

    You have about a week to get in your pledge sheets and payments turned into us through Sunday, June 7th, 11:59pm so we can tally up our total and ensure we get the KEEP! Donation to LPEF as soon as possible. We will announce winners to students and families next week, June 8th. We are eager to see if we met our $25K goal. Last we checked we were at about 55%. We know we can do it!

    Please remember this is all based on the honor system, so please help us out by:

    1. Send your move logs LomaPrietaHSC@Yahoo.comso we may tally up the movements and money raised for prizes! (see details further)
    2. Send in your check to ATTN: Loma Prieta HSC to 23800 Summit Rd. or PayPal LomaPrietaHSC@Yahoo.comus your pledge cash. Remember, if you company matches funds, please apply for it and double your contributions!


    Prize Details:

    There will be one girl and one boy selected from each grade level for most movements done in May, plus one prize for the student that raised the most money per each grade level. That is three winners per grade that will be rewarded with a certificate and a $20 gift card to either Target or Amazon. Once winners are identified, we will announce and contact parents to sort out logistics.

    Thank you all for your support and help in making this all possible by encouraging your kids to move and shake. Last but not least, we can’t forget to Thank our Sponsors one last time, please do the same when you see them next or consider giving them your business as well!



    TOP Diamond Business Sponsors: Mason Tractor & Toeniskoetter Commercial Construction!!!!!


    Premier Platinum Business: Lincoln Discovery Services, INC.

    Gold & Company Match Sponsors:  Advanced Chiropractic, Dr. Andrea Friese, Cunningham Tractor, Sereno Real Estate Team, Rebecca Smith & Karen Izzo, The Walters, Wachob , Cramer and The Dorosti Families.


    Families Sponsoring: The Wells, The Cassell’s, The Bond’s, The Froelich’s, The Ekhilevsky’s, The Chen’s, The Reierson’s, The Myers’, The Werdebaugh’s, The Genest’s, The Nolan Family, “GranNola”, The Biagini-Pennel’s, The Potts, Scotty and June Salsbury.


    2- Order You Back to School Supplies:

    Don't procrastinate in ordering your School Supplies all in a neat box in a couple clicks and be ready for the new school year:



    3- Final Loma HSC News... 

    We are saddened we couldn't hold our new and well received annual tradition of End of Year Picnic to send everyone off in person for a last hurrah but want to acknowledge the AMAZING partnership we have had with all the Parents, School Staff, and Students this year. Thanks to all of you, Loma HSC had one of its smoothest and most successful years yet!! Thank YOU all!


    Lindsey and I are making way for Jamie Cassell to take on the leadership role of Loma HSC next year. She's an amazing leader and we have LOTS of fun while getting LOTS of important tasks done on the Loma HSC Board and Jamie is sure to continue that tradition! 


    I'm sure she could use some new folks stepping up to fill some upcoming 2020-2021-year open roles, so, reach out to see how you can join in on the fun!!! Ehem, I meant... work hard to have direct impact on your child/ren and the teachers daily school experience. Truly, it's both and we have easy jobs for all availability. Contact us at LomaPrietaHSC@Yahoo.com or learn more about us at: https://www.lomaprietahsc.org/ if you are interested in learning more about open seats: VP to Jamie our President, VP of Events as well as VP of Communications. 


    A huge thanks for a fabulous year. Have a very safe and restful summer!


    Stay Well, 

    Your Loma HSC