• Social Distancing Protocol

    Visitor Information

    Loma Prieta Joint Union School District update 10/22/2020


    Summary of Customer-Facing Requirements

    • Handwashing facilities or sanitzer is available near the facility entrance.
    • An employee has been designated to ensure the maximum number of customers is not exceeded and all persons are wearing face coverings.
    • Taped or marked at least six feet apart where people form lines.


    Report a Complaint

    If you are a customer or member of the public and would like to report a complaint about this or another business not following a Social Distancing Protocol, visit scccovidconcerns.org.

    If you are an employee and would like to report a complaint about this business, visit www.sccfairworkplace.org or call the Office of Labor Standards Enforcement at 866-870-7725.

    Learn More

    To view the County Health Officer's Order and other information related to Covid-19 visit sccgov.org/coronavirus.  To view this business' social distancing protocol visit www.covid19prepared.org.

    The person responsible for implementing this business' protocol is Superintendent Lisa Fraser, who can be reached at l.fraser@loma.k12.ca.us or 408.353.1101.

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