• Materials:

    Thank you for all the supplies from the list below!  

    I have created an Amazon wish list if you would like to purchase more for our classroom.

    DePiazza Dinosaur Amazon Wish List 



    Student supplies for all grade levels are on the parent tab of the Loma webpage https://www.loma.k12.ca.us/domain/48, however, these are the most critical supplies for my classroom:

    2 pk Ticonderoga #2 pencils, 12

    1 box Crayola markers, fine tip 10

    1 box Crayola markers, broad tip 8

    1 box colored pencils, 12

    1 box Crayola crayons, 24

    1 ea highlighter: orange, yellow, green, blue

    3 black Sharpies, ultra-fine tip

    3 black Sharpies, fine tip

    12 glue sticks

    3 pack post-it notes

    1 pair over the ear headphones (labeled with student’s name in zip-lock bag

    1 extra mask to keep in back pack