• Class Pets - Halfmoon Betta Fish

    Floyd (aka "Pink" Floyd)

    Floyd had his first year in the classroom last year and he is excited about coming back to the classroom this year.

    Betta Facts:

    Life span: 2-5 years

    Type: Halfmoon Betta Fish - known for their large flowing fins.



  • Class Pets - Aquatic Frogs 

    Bob and Lilypad had a great summer and are looking forward to showing off for you this fall. Four years ago, we got these frogs as tadpoles. They can be difficult to tell apart, but Bob has a cloudy eye. Bob and Lily Pad are excited to be a part of our classroom again this year.



    Here is a little info about our Aquatic Frogs:

    Our class frogs are Pipidae frogs, which in nature originally come from South America and Africa. However, our class frogs have never been to Africa or South America. Our tadpoles were born in Brooksville, Florida and then were shipped to us. Adult female aquatic frogs are larger than the males. I think we have two female frogs but their sizes seem to change so we will have to keep an eye on them. These frogs also continue to grow throughout their lifetimes... so the older the frog - the bigger the frog. The average lifespan of our frogs is 5 years.


    Splash Fireclaw

    Lily Pad                                                                                  Bob